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Up until now I've been really going back and forth on whether or not to go to Vienna, whether or not to spend 1 of the 2 days I'll be there in Prague, etc. So today, I'm finishing my feasibility study with my left hemisphere and planning my Vienna itinerary with my right. Girl's gotta do!

The good news is that my feasibility study is fairly well written and much better organized 2nd iteration, which was written days before I left CAR. I've decided not to make so many written improvements so much as add a few charts and graphs in outlining private sector involvement in social responsibility. I could read some of the other UNICEF documents that pertain to social responsibility, but honestly, they're a bunch of rules that some consultants made up that are so freaking difficult to follow - much in the theme of UN mandates to begin with. I hope they can appreciate my down-to-earth take on what to do, where the opportunities are, and what strategies to take.

Now back to Vienna planning! I took about an hour this afternoon and looked up some of the possible sights in Vienna. I had to figure out if there was enough that interested me or if I should head over to Prague for a day. I found out that Budapest is actually much closer than Prague. The Prague tour would have been 8 hours of driving and 4 hours of sightseeing. No thank you!

And holy shit, the list of amazing things to do in Vienna.. interminable. Check out my wish list so far. And notice that I haven't actually included anything at all to do with music, concerts or the classical masters.

First priority is to see the Klimt's work. I've rarely been in a position where I'm so excited to see an artists' work that I'm a bit weak in the knees. I wonder if this is how Sybil felt when we saw a bunch of Diego Rivera's artwork in Mexico City.. Though my favorite piece of work from him is largely unknown and a sketch held in a private collection never to be gazed upon in person, I'll happily gorge myself on his other artwork in the Belvedere Palaces.

I think that will be my first top, and in the afternoon, I may just head over to see some crazies at the Kunsthaus Wien. Vienna is home to this insane artist by the name of Hundertwasser. I'd attempt to explain his strange artistic/architectural sensibilities but I think I have to see it in person first. The words "acid", "green party", and "picasso" come to mind though. I'm so glad that they close at 7pm, as most museums in Vienna have hours between 10am and 5pm. Can you imagine having a 7 hour workday? And people in the EU wonder why their economy is failing..

On my second and last day, I'll probably be making a trip to the Imperial Palace to see where Hitler gave his famous speech, and the Kaiserappartements where the Empress Elisabeth spent most of her time focused on how to keep her 18 inch waistline. Yes, a life spent well, ha! If she's interesting enough, I'll head over to the Sisi Museum (Sisi was the nickname for Elisabeth), and finish off at the Schonbrunn Palace, or at least the free gardens outside that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Somewhere in here I've got to visit Hotel Sacher for their world famous Sacher Chocolate Torte. They ship this worldwide, but it costs about 35 Euro to ship to the US - which is as much as a 6 serving Torte itself! =( I think I'll bring one back to share with my wonderful Portuguese friends at least. =) Or maybe I'll run out of there eating a whole cake, face smeared with chocolate and singing loudly headed towards the Opera House across the street and get arrested for leaving a trail of chocolate crumbs over what I can only imagine as a marble and gilt floor. Ah, the joys of being American in Vienna!

I wish to god there had been time to visit the Nashmarket (fleamarket), the Hundertwasserhaus, and the concert or opera halls! But alas, 'tis a gift to travel to these parts in itself! =)

TRE69 says:
Sounds like you have a full escapade in Vienna! Can't wait for the pics and blog!=D
Posted on: Jun 15, 2009
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