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When I get back to LA...
MUST.. EAT.. and PLAY... with FRIENDS...

First thing - get a big steak at Ruth's Chris
Second thing - watch a movie at El Capitan
Third thing - have seafood platter at Paradise Cove
Fourth thing - dimsum in Alhambra/Arcadia/Monterey Park
Fifth thing - grab a bunch of friends and go to Las Vegas.
Sixth thing - grab a bunch of friends and go to Chicago to eat: hot dogs covered red onion and sauerkraut, big steaks, calamari at Capital Grille. YUMMM.

I was running through this with Will a few weeks ago, and it's not a new thought, but I thought I would put mine on paper.
If I could have the perfect life, it would look like this...

Italian coffee
Parisian clothes
Portuguese family
Turkish spices
American steaks
French cheeses
Spanish sun
Japanese cars
Mexican beaches
Hawaiian atmosphere
Austrian competancy
Mediterranean view
Sicilian food
Thai-American food
Taiwanese food
Brazilian food
Korean food
yes, lots of food.
..And American spirit.

Just chatted with my friend at the American Embassy in Bangui - he was just back in the US for a month and I asked him how his time was. He said that he ate everything he could possibly get his hands on. I realize this is entirely psychological, we obviously have enough nourishment while abroad (although I have to confess I just weighed myself yesterday and I lost 12 pounds according to Irene's scale - and probably gained a lot back after Turkey too!). But I wonder what we are trying to do when we gorge ourselves. Is it a consumptive compensation? I've noticed lots of my UN friends when they get to the developed world they just go crazy spending money and buying stuff - usually stuff they don't need. The need to consume is more a part of our wiring, and brings great pleasure. Or are we consuming food because regaining familiarity of your surroundings compensates for the constant flux of travel and particularly in the undeveloped world. I dunno, I just noticed a huge obsession with food - one I myself have brought back. And I realize it's more psychological than physiological, but which part?!

I can add stuff like "Persian rugs" and "Austrian crystal" and "African diamonds" but I haven't experienced these things so I can't tell ya! =)
TRE69 says:
Awh the joys of being a consumer...
Posted on: Jun 26, 2009
jenn79 says:
hey babes, you in the mood for a steak this sun/mon/tues? =D Think I'm heading to the 'dena for some good eating =)
Posted on: Jun 26, 2009
kelleeoo says:
So true. So true.
Posted on: Jun 26, 2009
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