Hmm... I may have just discovered the secret to fatness...

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evil cookies!!!
I think I may have mentioned earlier that I lost 12 lbs during my time in Africa and my travels around Europe.. I thought it was from being uber sick in Africa and Turkey, the two rounds of antibiotics, and then losing hair.

Then yesterday, I break open a pack of that ready-to-bake Betty Crocker mix that I've been lugging around for 4 months..

It was soooo delicious.. smelled soooo good... tasted like home.. my stomach screamed "AMERICA!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!" Even Irene, after eating these cookies wanted to just come to America and stay.

And then my digestive system went NUTS.

Many of you that I have met on this site (Ragnar, Nhi, Alice) already know that processed food is really bad for you, but I don't think I knew how bad until today. I've unknowingly detoxed for 4 months by sheer luck. How differently I feel before and after eating those cookies is kind of shocking. Please, please for all my friends out there who I want to live long, healthy lives, and travel as much as their heart desires - avoid processed food as much as possible!! No mixes, no pre-packaged crap, try to make stuff yourself. Just try!

Here's to your health, and decades of wanderlust waiting to be sated.
alicegourmet says:! Haha..
Posted on: Jul 02, 2009
jenn79 says:
It's a deal, honey! I can't wait for the next "cooking class"! =D
Posted on: Jul 02, 2009
alicegourmet says:
Oh yea...I can't eat too much of processed food! Haha...I have to admit my system can't handle too much of fat and chemicals. Nothing can compete the fresh ingredients and the start from scratch cooking. Don't worry, Jenn! I will feed you with my "tender-loving" cooking if you don't mind to car-pool with Tracy to my house! Haha...
Posted on: Jul 02, 2009
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evil cookies!!!
evil cookies!!!