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Not much to report today! Sao Joao turned out to be a little bit of a bust. I'm getting into the habit of not going out as much, and being a bit on the lethargic side, which tells me I need to head home, probably. WAAH!! Traveling is sometimes like relationships - you're all hot and eager and active in the beginning and then the excitement just fades away after a while if it's not meant to be anything beyond that... of course it's very easy to rekindle my passion for Portugal, but I think it's time to get my own life back - I think I've been gone long enough to create a clean slate and reset some expectations. And the best thing is how much more I know about how things work too.

Sorry, back to Sao Joao - huge national holiday, lots of parades, people getting hit on the head with plastic hammers and fireworks =) I've heard incredible stories about all of Porto scrambling onto the bridge above the Duoro with drinks and toy hammers and JUMPING.
And the bridge would literally undulate - you walk forward, but you're going vertically up and down - what a scary thought. I'd rather not die, thank you very much..

Unfortunately it happened mid-week this year, so Ricardo was studying for his exam, Sandro stayed home, Vera had dinner with her brother and then headed home, and Irene and I were going to go to the beach in Foz, but ended up watching TV instead and eating chocolate torte from Vienna and Hagan Daaz! Whooo!! =) we would run out onto the balcony to try and catch the fireworks that were happening all over the city. Irene has a great view of quite a bit of the horizon, but as luck would have it, the fireworks were happening right behind these walls of the other apartment - waah!
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omg - sacher torte and hagan daaz!
omg - sacher torte and hagan daaz!
Leca da Palmeira
photo by: jenn79