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I forgot how beautiful Europe is in the summer. It's just about 10pm and the sun has barely set. I remember this happening in Geneva during the summer - the sun would set at 11pm and I thought it was the most extraordinary gift to have such lovely weather and some extra time to be outside and get things done. Too bad I refuse to leave the airport!

So instead of staying at the Comfort Hotel, which I've already paid for, I chickened out and went back to the Novotel which is at the Roissypole stop of the CDGVAL. It's just more convenient - and thank god because without Adel, I couldn't carry all my bags. I literally almost didn't make it. All my bag combined weigh more than I do and I have to figure out a way to get rid of some of the weight. Some of the weight is because I have about 5 lbs of printouts from the UNICEF Intranet for my feasibility study that I want to re-read and re-do and re-submit back to management.

Luckily, Novotel said that they would hold one of my bags for a week - thank the Lord - because the overweight fee for an extra bag of 20kilo is 250 euro!! Not that I can even manage to lug everything back and forth anyway! I'm very annoyed that airports no longer have lockers - it's the hugest inconvenience!

But man, I forget how well bits of France works. I made it to the Novotel in one piece because there were free cart-pushing things all over the place, every elevator I needed to use worked, and the only part I really struggled with was pulling everything down the hall from the entrance of the hotel to the reception area to check in. Urgh, 200 Euro down the drain. I can't even say it's well spent even though I'm totally holed up in the hotel and don't want to leave the airport.

I'm sad for sure though. I have the urge to go talk to Hyewon and tell her the latest crazy thing that has happened, I want to see Brigitte and make sure she is happy and has some support while she's here, I want to jump on Adel and make him carry me around and then get annoyed with him and ignore him for the rest of the day. I want to work on a cool project. It's so weird not having responsibilities for the first time in my life. So I'm depressed for sure.


OMG it just hit me I'm going to be in Malta tomorrow! What the hell is IN malta!? It seems to be a lot of churches on a rocky island. Will I see those little yappy dogs all over the island?!?!  wtf?!? Oh I need a good night's sleep.
emmllerg says:
Enjoy the places Paris has to offer you
Posted on: Jun 02, 2013
jenn79 says:
I miss you too!! Been in Portugal for about 2 hours and it's already done wonders for my spirit! I might actually be heading to Lisbon for the weekend! What a trip this is turning out to be!! Wish you were here!!! No, wish I was there! waah!!!
Posted on: May 17, 2009
hyewonCAR says:
I've finally registered! I miss talking to you :-(
Posted on: May 17, 2009
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