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I Know I Can be a STAR
Got a Skype call from tuga who called to inform me that he had found the Perfect Job for all of us Travel Addicts!! “ENTRY LEVEL WORK FULL OR PART TIME MOVIE EXTRA - ACTOR " MODEL.   Ok maybe we all can’t be models, we know who we are. “This is an opportunity for Full Time/Part Time and Weekend work. Make between $100 and $300/day for standing or sitting behind the main actors in films, commercials and TV shows. No experience required. Flexible Hours, Various
Shifts, Entry Level.” No experience required -Ok I have no experience in many fields which should be a plus.
Flexible Hours-Just as long as there are not too many of them.
Various Shifts-Great just as long as they don’t interfere with more important thing like Traveling & TBing time.
Hollywood Here I Come

Entry Level-I think this is the starting point on my road to Stardom & the Freedom to Travel the World Full Time. JOB DESCRIPTION:
We are casting movie extras for the top TV shows on major networks. Be on one of your favorite shows: Prison Break, Lost, Grits House, CSI, WonderDog  Heroes, Burn Notice, Passions,Monk, My Biggest Journey. , etc… MOVIE EXTRAS (background actors) Movie extras are the actors in the background who make scenes look realistic and alive. There is a constant need to fill the background of movies, TV shows, TV commercials, music videos, sitcoms and reality shows. Movie Extras get paid between $100 and $300 per day (depending on the project) for filling these spaces.

I voted to receive $300 per day made sense to me.
Standing around-my second choice after sitting around preferably in a place that dispenses adult beverages.

Moving around behind the actors-with a little direction I think I can do this, just tell me which way to go.
Extras may also be asked to:
Ride a bicycle- As long as it has at least 2 wheels.
Throw a football- 52 Hot Pass on 2, quick developing pass, two receivers to the same side of the field.
Drink coffee-Easy for a confirmed & accomplished Coffee addict.
Simply walk by-As long as done before happy hour starts. Because most Extras are not required to speak, you won’t have to remember any lines of dialogue. You absolutely don't need any Experience in the entertainment business to become an extra. Movie makers need individuals of all shapes and sizes to represent groups of real people. Extras are NOT Required to:
Speak-I will try to keep my mouth shut, this could give me trouble.
O well back to what I was doing!! Have a great Weekend.

Remember any lines of dialogue- Leaves more time for looking around where you are filming.
NO Experience Needed- Which is the exact amount I have.
All Shapes & Sizes-I am thinking there is at least one of every size & shape in the world here at TravBuddy.

This is looking like the perfect job; good money, opportunities to travel to sets all over the world & I am so so qualified.  This is a Chance of a Lifetime!! I called the 1-800 # to speak to MY Agent to start to Make My Dream Come True.
I found out Nicole (not sure that was her  real name) was only interested in getting my credit card number no matter how qualified I keep telling her I was, or how quickly I would be in demand roles around the world & the amount of money They would be making $$$$ handling this Old School Talent!! I am not sure but I was beginning to get the idea that this was not a legitimate internet offer to secure my future in Show Business. I asked Nicole for her Visa number as a show of good faith, after 2 hours on Goggle I still don’t think her response was anatomically possible.
 O well back to what I was doing!! Have a great Weekend.
Africancrab says:
Ha-haa! I guess the perfect job comes at a price huh!
Posted on: Mar 23, 2010
jenn79 says:
hahaaa!! =)
Posted on: Sep 16, 2009
Transitory says:
hahaha good stuff
Posted on: Jul 16, 2009
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I Know I Can be a STAR
I Know I Can be a STAR
Hollywood Here I Come
Hollywood Here I Come
O well back to what I was doing!! …
O well back to what I was doing!!…
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