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Crossing the Caribbean back to Cancun

The ferry arrived back at the Cancun terminal, and I got a taxi back to Erik and Manolo's place.  Manolo and I spent a bit comparing stories of our wonderful weekends; him with his family for his birthday, me on the island.  It was fantastic to see him again and spend more time talking to him.

Erik then arrived home as well, and we headed off to dinner.  It was walking distance from their house, so it was a fantastic chance to see a little more of their neighborhood on a beautiful night. 

The restaurant itself was perfect.  It was outside, with a ton of plants everywhere, and specialized in fresh juices and healthy food.  I got a glass of fresh pineapple and orange juice, it was the best I have ever had - only compared to a glass of fresh juice I had off the coast of Singapore once on Sentosa Island.

Manolo and I compare stories on our fun weekends
  Also, Manolo and Eric ordered a whole pitcher of this other juice that was made of cucumber, lemon, and mint - it was amazing as well.

The food also was really good, but could in no way compare to the company.  Being with these two guys was like opening a new gift every minute.  They are so smart and funny, and are such great story tellers also.  I just kept pinching myself that I got to know them know, and have them in my life.  What a blessing, and what a gift. 

We closed down the restaurant, and when they finally were turning the lights out on us we left and walked back to their house.  They then proceeded to insist on driving me to my hotel for the night, when really I think I should have taken a taxi - it wasn't close to them, and it was late.

Awesome restaurant for dinner, called 100% Natural; beautiful.
  But no - and not only did they drive me WAY out to my hotel, but they parked, carried my bag into the lobby, and then Manolo proceeded to check in Spanish with the man behind the counter on all sorts of issues to make sure I was ok, from the existance of alarm clocks in the room, to the availability of wake up calls, to how shuttle buses to the airport worked, to the cost of taxis... I tried to tell him I could handle it, but these guys are just the NICEST MEN ALIVE - and he just insisted!  Then, just to top it off, when I got my room key, they walked me all the way to the far end of the hotel to where the elevators were and saw me onto the elevator before they left!!!!!

I know I'll see them again, and I know that I'll have them in my life forever now, but I don't think they realized how choked up I was to say goodbye.  Meeting them was like winning the lottery - that random that it happened, and just that lucky.  (and now that it's happened, given the choice between winning the lottery and knowing Erik and Manolo, I'll take Erik and Manolo)  :-)

I went up to my room, took a shower, and tried to accept the fact that I had 2.5 hours until my alarm was going off, for me to head for the airport.

Isoinspira says:
Awww... I love how you love the people around you!! What a sweet blog:)
Posted on: May 06, 2007
dilemaz says:
wow this blog...its amazing...you right so REALISTICALLY, I WAS CHOKED UP!
I hope I get to meet them too!!!
Posted on: May 01, 2007
Amanda says:
Actually, they joined Travbuddy now Andi, PLEASE go ask to be their friend!! Search for username manolovalencia and tell them I sent you! :-)
Posted on: Apr 27, 2007
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