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Mexico City is HUGE

First impressions of landing in Mexico City - I had NO IDEA how many mountains surrounded this area!  WOW!  An amazing site, to be sure - and I was just pumped to get a view of this huge city that I had heard so very much about.

Once off the plane, I said goodbye to my group of new friends and headed off into the main area to find out about my flight and burn a little time.  This is when 2 things became very clear to me very quickly -

1.  There is no such thing as a smoking ban in Mexico - it's just everywhere!

2.  They take their baked goods very, very seriously.  All over the airport there were piles of pies, cakes, you name it.  Stacks and Stacks of them.

The baked goods in the Mexico City Airport
  I did not partake, but it was funny to see.

I tried to find my flight on the displays, but they don't show them until very close to time -  I found myself hoping that the gate wouldn't be too far away.  Finally it showed, but like so many others, where it SHOULD have a gate, it just said "B" - and there was not a gate B to be had.

I headed over to the AeroMexico office, and asked, and they were able to look up my gate, which was at the very end of a long hall.  When I got down there I was amazed by the noise and the amount of people; Mexico doesn't stop anyone from going to the gate, whether or not they are getting on the plane, so it's a huge crowd of people -  hot sticky and loud.  Also, it's just so old and run down - while most likely this won't mean anything to anyone but my mom, it reminded me a great deal of the old terminal one in Sky Harbor - but bigger and raised up.

There is no such thing as a smoking ban in Mexico City...

A huge football team (soccer) got off the plane, and there was quite a bit of fanfare involved.  That many dark haired, handsome men in one place.... hmmmm... I could have returned home happy right there and then. 

Meanwhile, the noise and heat continued - women, including myself, fanned themselves with whatever they had available; boarding passes, magazines, or fancy fans they had brought with them.  I had to make due with my boarding pass.

I wasn't in Kasas anymore; where was I going again?  And why?  Was I crazy?  Hope not....

Time to load the plane - no real line involved, and the crowd was so crazy the employees at the airport really had no control over it - people just pilled onto the fight - I honestly believe anyone could have gotten on, ticket or not....

zodiac601hd says:
Well... things have changed. There is no smoking in any part of the airport but outside and no one is allowed to the gates without a boarding pass. Compared to connecting an international flight at Dulles (IAD), Mexico City (MEX)is fine.
Posted on: Nov 01, 2009
sunsetrosebud says:
i don't know if I could take the smoking but the pies and cakes sound mighty good.
Posted on: Apr 25, 2007
Amanda says:
No girls.. no pics of the footballers - there was this one that looked like he must work with the team - not in uniform like the rest of them, VERY expensive shoes and this light blue shirt on? And good jeans... Ok, I need to stop typing now... ha ha....
Posted on: Apr 25, 2007
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Mexico City is HUGE
Mexico City is HUGE
The baked goods in the Mexico City…
The baked goods in the Mexico Cit…
There is no such thing as a smokin…
There is no such thing as a smoki…
I had no idea how mountainous Mexi…
I had no idea how mountainous Mex…