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Awesome Ryan, exactly where we spent all our time...


Denial is not just a river in Egypt...

This was my last day on Isla; and in fact, my last day of the trip full stop - but I couldn't think about it, I just couldn't.  The last couple of days had taken me through some sort of time warp... it had seemed much longer than that, and yet I was no where near ready to return home.


I woke up quite late after the late night of drinking the night before - but once I did wake up, I luckily felt completely fine.  I immediately packed up my things, checked out of my hotel, and headed  back over to my beloved Urban Hostel and all my friends.


I dropped my bag against the wall and determined to not look at it or think about it until the last possible moment I could put it off to.

Fantastic picture of Tanya
  Instead, I settled in with Gabby, Michael, Tanya, Ryan, and Ben for some quality chilling time for the day.

I left for a bit to make a phone call to Manolo and Erik to arrange for dinner that night, and we agreed I'd head back over to their house around 7:00 that night.  Then I went and picked up some things for lunch, and took them back over to the hostel to share with Ben.


What life do I want?

As I walked back to the hostel, I did a lot of thinking, about a lot of things.  On the first evening on the Island, John asked me why I traveled.  I was surprised and a bit bothered at the fact that I wasn't able to give an answer I was fully satisfied with.   Add to that that I was meeting people here everyday that traveled as a lifestyle; they made it happen.

The streets of Isla
  I knew it was out there, but now I was spending all this time with them, on their turf, and I found I was a bit greedy for it.  I walked through the streets of Isla just wondering if I could pull it off for a while - 3 months, 6 months, whatever.  Pick a time when my apartment lease was over, quit my questionable job, and go.  Never before had it seemed possible, but now, with some planning, some forethought, some saving... maybe?  Also, I HAVE TO LEARN SPANISH.  Right now, immediately, and without delay.  It's just that simple.  What have I been waiting for??  What excuse have I been giving myself?  Before, I always told myself I couldn't "hack" that lifestyle, even for a while - a short, regular vacation was all I had in me... but walking through the small dusty streets that John said were so upscale compared to what was out there, I knew I wanted to see it for myself, on a longer term basis.
Free access to Travbuddy at Urban Hostel; aaaaahhhhhhhh.......
   I think I could be a wanderer if I planned it right ahead, and really put my finances in order - and what better motivation to fix your financial outlook?






Thanks to Ryan's computer, I was able to do a bit of updating on my blog, and then knew the time was coming that I was getting near to my final goodbyes.  I didn't want to leave, I just wanted to stay, sitting with Ryan and Ben talking about nothing forever - or at least a lot longer than this.

Fair thee well, Urban Hostel.

A couple new travelers came to check into the hostel, and as they were getting their lay of the land and who everyone was, I ended up clarifing for them:

 "I don't really stay here; I just wake up, come over and spend all day"

I guess this was a good enough opening for Ben to give me some trouble, so he turned to Ryan, and said,

"Yeah Ryan, we need to figure out something to do about these freeloaders.

Ben's outwardly cheery disposition.

I acted hurt.  "I TRIED to help" I pointed out... "I ran the place the other day..."

"You did a good job." Ben replied.

"Well, I didn't really do anything" I pointed out.

"Neither does Ryan."  He retorted.

"And I brought you free food!" 

"Lady, I don't want you to leave - and it's not about free food!" 

(I felt a little glow start inside)

"Well" he amended quickly, "It's not ALL about free food..."

I love these guys.  So much.  I know I'll see Ryan again here in the states, but for reasons I won't go into, I think that won't be happening with Ben - so.... since I know Ryan will be showing this to Ben over his shoulder....

Ben know this - when you settle in a new spot in the next couple years, somewhere interesting and different, let me know where you are, and that will be a fantastic excuse for me to come try out that new location.

Ben, right before I left.
  Until then, I'll look forward to that time my friend.

So with that, I gathered my bag, kissed everyone goodbye, headed to the ferry, and left my beloved Isla.

wanderlass says:
Does a wanderer make long term planning? Don't you just.... wander? Lol.
Posted on: Jun 13, 2007
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Awesome Ryan, exactly where we spe…
Awesome Ryan, exactly where we sp…
Fantastic picture of Tanya
Fantastic picture of Tanya
The streets of Isla
The streets of Isla
Free access to Travbuddy at Urban …
Free access to Travbuddy at Urban…
Bens outwardly cheery disposition.
Ben's outwardly cheery disposition.
Ben, right before I left.
Ben, right before I left.
Gabbys dreads are finished.
Gabby's dreads are finished.
Ben looking cool.
Ben looking cool.
Yummy tostadas for Ben and me.
Yummy tostadas for Ben and me.
The restaurant where we had dinner…
The restaurant where we had dinne…
Beautiful Tanya
Beautiful Tanya
Gabby and Tanya working on the com…
Gabby and Tanya working on the co…
Ben napping
Ben napping
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