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I could write more here... about my NIGHTMARE stop in Mexico City, and how I honestly had a few hours of believing I may never be allowed back to my native soil... but really I'm just going to honor the fact that I don't want to.  Alluding to it there is enough - it happened, but in no way changed the trip, and I don't want to write a major entry about it at the end.


I'd just like to say how very much my thoughts on the plane tended to gear towards everyone I had been spending time with during those days, especially towards the end of the flight. 

By that time, I knew John's flight must have taken off for England, so like me he was also above Mexico, returning home - but after a much longer, much different sort of jouney.  I wondered what thoughts were on his mind with the days to come.

I thought of Tanya, who had planned on returning to Cancun with me the night before, to have dinner with the guys and then share my hotel room, and then catch a flight to Mexico City today, just as I  had.  At the last minute she STILL hadn't been able to get the flight, had given up, and decided to stay on Isla for one more night.  I hoped she was happy, enjoying a final night, and that things would work out on the search for an acceptable flight, and finally arrive in Spain as she dreamed and planned. 

I thought of Ryan and Ben, who I was sure were still on the veranda, doing and saying Ryan and Ben type things... just keeping Urban Hostel moving along, playing internet poker, and catching fish.

I wondered what Gabby and Michael's next stop would be on the trip that never stopped that was life for them.

Finally, I thought of Manolo and Erik, and just shook my head.  By this point they'd be busy with their day, designing restaurants, swiming pool fountains, you name it.  Those two were swamped with work.

And so it continues, life everywhere.  Life in Phoenix, life in England, life in Spain, life in Cancun, life on a small island called Isla Mujeres, and life for passengers on large airplanes, high above Mexico and the blue Caribbean Sea, headed back to their homes from lazy days on small islands, heads filled with thoughts of new memories, new places, new people, and no knowledge of when they will see these friends again.

Ed can call me nuts if he likes.

almacorona says:
Great ending to the blog!
Posted on: Dec 06, 2007
wanderlass says:
Sounds like a perfect trip! Planning ur next one yet? :)
Posted on: Jun 13, 2007
Higton says:
I can tell you what I was thinking... Do I really want to watch "John Tucker Must Die"? I did; it was rubbish.
Posted on: May 02, 2007
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