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The view from the Cancun bus station

It's not a dry heat anymore...

I arrived at the Cancun airport, and knew immediately that one small issue of the trip would be that almost none of my clothes would work here; it was just too humid.  Arizona is so very dry, and I should have thought about it more - but somehow I didn't take that aspect of the planning so seriously for such a short trip, when really it matters just as much.  Regardless, the materials are not fantastic.  For pants I was ok, pure cotton... for shirts, not as much. 

I headed to customs, for the strangest customs experience of my life; I walked over, they asked me to push a green button that lit up a green traffic light with the word "pass" on it, and then told me "Welcome to Cancun.

Manolo at our fantastic meal at Mazatlan 58
"  No question, no nothing.  Just hit the button, go on your way.  Odd.

I purchased my bus ticket into town for 35 pesos and headed out to the bus.  The trip all total takes about 35 minutes I think and the bus is very nice.  The one thing I could have done without was the dubbed version of the movie "S.W.A.T."  they had playing quite loudly on a flatscreen tv on the front of the bus. 

I reached the main bus terminal in town, and called Manolo (one of my Couchsurfing hosts) who had kindly offered to pick me up at the bus station.  He answered the phone, I let him know I had arrived, and he let me know what his truck looked like so I could be looking for it.  I, in turn, let him know what I was wearing so he could look for me.

Erik relaxing in the backyard as we visit
  I think that's when it hit me how strange the idea of Couchsurfing can be - I still wasn't sorry or second guessing my decision in any way, but I  could see why some people didn't understand it; I was being picked up by someone I had never met, never spoken to, taken to their house, and would be their guest for the night.  A lot of people just don't do that.  But great risk equals great reward, right?

Only minutes later he arrived, with huge smiles and hugs.  He took my bag and led me to the truck, and our coversation was easy and wonderful from the start.  He drove us to the house where we would wait for Erik to get back from doing some business.

A little piece of Heaven

It's hard to explain the experience of arriving at Manolo's and Erik's house and being subject to their beautiful home and their even more beautiful hospitality.

Still unsure about Couchsurfing?? This was my bed for the night...
  You walk through the front gate into a jungle of plants that is incredible, and then into an incredibly beautiful home.  Their back yard is equally peaceful, where we spent time sitting, talking, and drinking cold juice.  They have 2 beautiful dogs, some cats, turtles, and some multi-lingual parrots that will bark, meow, laugh, you name it.  I don't think I've ever seen anything more funny. 

Manolo and Erik themselves are amazing; they are artists, musicians, smart businessmen, world travelers...well read and fantastic senses of humor.  They have some of the deepest senses of family I have ever experienced; both with their immediate family, and the friends they choose to include as family. 

Currently, one of the jobs they are doing is to help remodel a restaurant on Isla Mujeres, and every day one of them needs to go check the progress of the workers; it was Erik's day to go.

My room at Manolo and Erik's.
  We drove him to the ferry terminal, and then Manolo took me to a wonderful restaurant called Mazatlan 58 for some amazing seafood - and not only was the food amazing, but he told me they had designed the look for this place as well - and it was awesome!

After an amazing meal, we went back to the house and relaxed a bit more.  I took a much needed nap and feel completely asleep in the beautiful bed I had been given for the night.  Later Manolo woke me up to go over to their friend's house for some drinks and a visit.

We walked over to the home of two of their friends, who now live in Cancun but are originally from Philadelphia, just as I am; and it turns out we know the same family!  It was a fabulous night of great conversation, and I loved ever minute of it.

Manolo and Luis
  Upon returning to Monolo and Erik's house, another of their friends came over; this one was the choreographer of the Mexican National Ballet!!!  How many times do you have a chance to sit and drink wine with the choreographer of the Mexican National Ballet?  It was fantastic.

Monolo is also a gifted masseuse, and my neck was in a great deal of pain (it gives me a lot of trouble) after such a long day of three plane rides.  Monolo to the rescue!!  After one of the best massages of my life, I was ready to pass out and go to sleep!


Stigen says:
nice blog:) I`m going there in a month, mAYbe I should couchsurf with these guys !
Posted on: Jul 23, 2012
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The view from the Cancun bus stati…
The view from the Cancun bus stat…
Manolo at our fantastic meal at Ma…
Manolo at our fantastic meal at M…
Erik relaxing in the backyard as w…
Erik relaxing in the backyard as …
Still unsure about Couchsurfing?? …
Still unsure about Couchsurfing??…
My room at Manolo and Eriks.
My room at Manolo and Erik's.
Manolo and Luis
Manolo and Luis
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