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Our laundry, going through the rinse cycle.

I've been told that clothing washed in rainwater makes the fabric much softer to the touch.  Normally that occurs before the clothes have been hung out on the line to dry!  From our bedroom window I've seen the same pieces of laundry hanging on the clothesline for several days running, going through one rinse cycle after another, crying out for a ray of sunlight to shine their way.

Andre told us that the weather in Lannion had been beautiful during the month of April, with sunshine and warm temperatures.  He tried hard to convince us of this fact even as the rain, wind and cold temperatures continued to blow hard across the Breton landscape.

Here comes the sun....long enough for Mark to barbeque our dinner on the new grill.
.....day.... after day..... after day......

We've now been in Lannion over a week.  Aside from the second evening we were here, when we managed to fit in a barbeque between the passing of the clouds, we have seen nothing but rain.......pouring rain.......howling rain.  Don't get me wrong by thinking that I'm overly upset about this unexpected chain of events.  I have seen the weather reports from Phoenix and am pleased to be away from the near record setting number of days reporting  triple digit temperatures.  Had I known of the cold weather which was to come, I'd have brought along the same winter clothing which I'd worn when we were here during the month of January.

Daisy, waiting for a piece of chicken to hit the ground.
  Luckily, I had the foresight to include two sweaters and a light rain jacket (which I'd bought in England two years ago during a similar cold snap) with the bathing suit, t-shirts, summer dresses and various other spring-like clothing that were packed in my suitcase.

The sudden change in conditions, from sunny to downpour, can make it difficult to plan much of anything outside unless you wear a jacket and carry an umbrella.  Walks around the neighborhood, to enjoy the change of scenery from desert to grass and trees, will have to wait for dryer days, which I've been told will occur some day next week......perhaps.  I'll just sit here and have another glass of French cider while I wait.

I'm sure that the cold, rainy conditions haven't helped the bronchitis with which I've suffered this past week.

Are you a victim of Swine flu?
  I began my sneezing tirade while we were still in Paris.  Allergies, I put it down as, which turned to a sore throat after we'd been in Lannion for only a few days. Though there were no other symptoms, besides the normal flare up of my asthma, my husband was nearly convinced that I'd come down with a case of swine flu, which was running rampant through Mexico and was now spreading around the world.  He went as far as to dig out the "warning" paperwork we had been handed when we boarded our flight from Philadelphia to Paris two weeks ago, and wave it under my severely congested nose.  I had visions of walking into one of the local pharmacies and inciting a riot when I asked for medication for "la grippe porcine".  I wasn't too keen about being placed in quarantine or facing deportation without just cause!

I spent last Monday and Tuesday tucked up in bed while Mark faced his French counterparts at the office on the edge of town. Although nearly all of the engineers and software specialists speak a more than competent level of English, there are still moments when I am able to use my less than fluent translation skills and "American" point of view to contribute to the formulation of software which is destined for the American market. 

 By Wednesday, I was at the office, hard at work and soaking in as much French as my overloaded brain could handle. My comprehension skills continue to increase day by day, although my speaking skills lag behind as my "right brain" goes into overdrive, searching for the correct verb tense or the exact word which will get my message across.  Some days the words wash over me like a tsunami, wiping out any possibility of responding in a timely manner.  There are other days when everything seems to "click" and the words fall into place like the wooden letters on a Scrabble board.  Although I'm the only one playing in this private "game", I will gladly tally as many points as I can until its time to head back home, where my umbrella will once more be tucked away in the closet........until the next time.

Petra2111 says:
Hi Sandy, sorry to read that you were sick!
Posted on: Jun 01, 2009
bernard69 says:
Hi there,cheers to ur umbrella!
Posted on: May 21, 2009
olsalty says:
Tres bien! Sorry that you've been sick. But you're not the only one, cough cough, sneeze, glub.
Posted on: May 17, 2009
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Our laundry, going through the rin…
Our laundry, going through the ri…
Here comes the sun....long enough …
Here comes the sun....long enough…
Daisy, waiting for a piece of chic…
Daisy, waiting for a piece of chi…
Are you a victim of Swine flu?
Are you a victim of Swine flu?
photo by: azsalsa