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Mantigue Island
One hour road trip and one hour ferry ride from Cagayan De Oro City is a beautiful virgin island called "Camiguin".

The journey to get to Camiguin was crazy for us. From our hotel, Casa Crystalla, we rode the jeepney to the bus station. As soon as we got off the jeep, there were men who took our bags from us and carried them towards the area where we can get a ride to the Balingoan port. It would have been very regal and prince charming-like if it was not forced because they need to be paid. We had no choice. We felt like we were being attacked by pirates! Seriously!!! One piece of advice, hold on to your bags if you don't want to be ripped off by these porters.
Sto. Nino Cold Springs
It would be nice if they would offer to help nicely rather than just pulling your bags from your shoulders. I would have given them a bigger tip if that was the case.

The 1 hour, which turned out to be 2 hours, trip from CDO city to Balingoan was funny but excruciatingly painful in the butt. We were in a Kia Besta Van together with 14 (+4 of us) other people. Can you imagine fitting 18 people in one Besta Van?!?! Oh... that does not include, boxes, 7 huge bags, 2 sacks of rice and a rice cooker! hahaha! It was too cramped inside the van that one of the men, had to sit beside the driver while hanging on to the opened door! How unsafe and amusing!!! hahaha!!! After sometime, they realized that we can't travel that way, the man had to find a seat inside the van.
White Island
Problem is, he won't be able to go in through the door since its packed with luggage. What did he do? He entered through the left window of the van!!!! It was so unbelievably funny! I felt like I was in a middle of a stint in WoW Mali! Hahaha! Check out the guy near the driver in the photo.

After reaching the Balingoan port, we ran to catch the 2 pm ferry. The ferry ride is P107/ person. My suggestion is to get the schedule of the Super Ferry from Balingoan to Benoni. Their ferries are cleaner and faster. We rode a super slow and old ferry but it was a great experience coz you're really with the locals.

As soon as we arrived at the Benoni port, the porters/ pirates were unbelievable!!!! They jumped on the ferry even before the ferry has docked. Hold on to your bags, people!

It's best to coordinate with your resorts on the time you will be picked up from the port. These pirates or some of the multicab operators will cajole you to take their services for 150% of the normal cost that the hotels or resorts will charge.

The journey to get to Camiguin maybe tough but the island is wonderfully beautiful!
lyshiel says:
Hi Chad0926! I love Mantigue island because its quiet and its one of those places that have not been "touristized" yet. It's worth the visit if you want to just sit back, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

I stayed in Enigmata tree house and I did not enjoy that. There's something in that place that creeped me out but if you are the adventurous type who does not fear spirits, its worth it to stay there since it's not so expensive.

Rent a habal-habal or a motorcycle to go around. Its the best way to go around the island.

Go to the church that was ruined by an earthquake. go in the late afternoon. It's an experience. :-)

Try to see if you can visit the oyster farm. It's nice to snorkel and to learn more about the marine life.

Hope this helps.
Posted on: Jan 16, 2008
Isabetlog says:
Hahaha, how truly insane and I can imagine the fun you had! Thanks for sharing, will definitely take your advise when I finally get the chance to go :)
Posted on: Apr 21, 2007
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Pristine forest, wonderful people, beautiful sunset, relaxing hot springs, surprising cold springs, amazing waterfalls, sumptuous food, amazing sandbars, virgin islands! How can you not fall in love with Camiguin.

I went to Camiguin somehow having the expectation of the Boracay party island vacation. One strip of beach, lounging around while having a sip of margarita. Nope... not in Camiguin. Unlike Boracay, Camiguin has a more urban feeling. It is not just a beach! Its an experience of an urban lifestyle.

There are different places to see within Camiguin island that you can't just strap yourself in your resort to enjoy the beach. Go rent a habal-habal (motorcycle with a driver) for the day and go around the different sites of Camiguin. Believe it or not, you can go around the perimeter of the island in less than a day.

There are a couple of falls that you can visit. One of them, The Katibawasan falls. I haven't seen a waterfall in a long time so when I saw it, I was in awe. Waterfalls are really majestic. They can really make you pause to admire God's creation. Somehow, you just have to believe that there's a higher being somewhere who put all these together.

Camiguin is also abundant with hot and cold springs. One place where you can unwind every night after a full day of going around the island Ardent Hot Spring. Entrance fee is P30. If you're hungry, you can also order food in that place. Don't miss the 38 Celcius natural hot spring at the far end of the pool lines. Its a bit hidden but don't miss it. Super relaxing!

For cold springs, go to Sto. Nino Cold Springs. This is not a regulated area but its worth the visit. If you're lucky there are children from around the area swimming before going to afternoon school.

The most popular spot in Camiguin is White Island. This place is one strip of sand bar that gets bigger as the low tide approaches.  This is the best spot to be at when the sun sets and the sky turns pink. Unbelievable! 

About 15 to 30 minutes off of the main island of Camiguin is Mantigue Island. Hardly any tourist goes here so you can really relax under the trees.  You can ask the residents there to cook fresh seaweeds, grilled fresh fish and clams (OOOHHH!!! Yummy!) for a fee.

I noticed too that Camiguin is so clean. According to Gie, our guide, they were taught how to segregate and recycle! And... garbage is collected often! If only we have that in Manila!!!!

Isabetlog says:
Hey! I plan to visit Camiguin sometime this year. The Philippines does have so many wonders, doesn't it? I haven't seen much of our country but I have exactly the same thoughts about God's creation in the few places I have.
Posted on: Apr 21, 2007
Mantigue Island
Mantigue Island
Sto. Nino Cold Springs
Sto. Nino Cold Springs
White Island
White Island
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Camiguin Island
photo by: Luv