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Last breakfast in Venice (sigh!)

The trip home is always the worst part of any trip but this went pretty smoothly. The hotel had arranged a water taxi to the airport and the boat was there well before the 8:30 appointment. Weather was still good though humidity was high and visibility consequently low. Wanting to be conservative, we’d ignored advice that we need not be at the airport more than 2-1/2 hours before flight time and outsmarted ourselves; the registration desks don’t open until 2 hours before flight time. Consequently, we sat for an hour before being able to check in. As we passed through security, I asked a young lady working there where we had to go to get a VAT form stamped and she said it was OUTSIDE of security! The paperwork was on Linda’s passport so she had to go back outside but the girl arranged for her to come back through the express line so it was no big hassle.

The flight to Madrid was late but we had lots of connection time so that was no trouble. Lin and I had booked cross-aisle seats for this leg and, each had two empty seats next to us. We had a LONG way to go for the connection in Madrid but did so with time to grab a quick bite before boarding for the trip to JFK. As we sat at the gate, I was cautiously optimistic about the passenger loading and, as it turned out, there were LOTS of empty seats. Configuration was 2-4-2. Lin and I were on one side with Helen and Earl behind us but the adjacent 4 seats next to us and them were empty. When the flight attendant closed the overhead bins, I had Lin slide across the aisle to stake a claim. Unfortunately Trygars didn’t do the same and another couple slid into that set of 4.

After takeoff, Lin wanted to be on the outside so she and I swapped places, giving her 2 seats and me 4. There were 2 empty seats behind Trygars so Earl moved back there. As a result, for the 4 of us, we had 10 seats. I was able to put up the arm rests and lie flat for some of the trip. Since I had 4 seats and they each had 2, I offered to swap with each of the others but they were all happy where they were so I was in clover.

We landed at about 7, got through the formalities with less than the normal aggravation and grabbed the train to hotel pickup point. On the train I called the hotel for the van but we still had to wait about an hour. We’d been feeling pretty exhausted but realized what a good day we were having when we learned that most of the people in the hotel were there because their flights had been interrupted. Some had been traveling for over 24 hours and were still not at their destination!

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Last breakfast in Venice (sigh!)
Last breakfast in Venice (sigh!)
photo by: asturjimmy