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Gatwick Express from Gatwick Airport to London - England

Well to start off, the transportation to and around London is confusing, but for some reason not to Dad or Christy… for once.

To start we needed to get our new travel packs all packed up for the start of our trek across Europe.

Next we had to return the “car hire” or as we call it back home, the rental car.  Then we took a plane from Malaga, Spain to London, England and it was funny but awkward at the same time. I say this because there was an English family sitting in front of us and there were two little kids with them, one was about 2 and the other was about 4 or 5. For most of the plane ride they were screaming or staring straight at me.  But that was the only thing that was wrong with the flight.

Walk to Hostel - London, England
  Now for the funny part, there was a couple sitting near us and the seatbelt sign was off, the lady returning from the bathroom sat on this dirty old man’s lap and he liked to tease her by putting his face in her boobs.  A minute later, (because the woman’s legs were in the aisle) the stewardess walking down the aisle spilled a cup of hot coffee on them.  Maybe that was her attempt at trying to cool them off.  That was the highlight of the plane ride.

So when we got off the plane (Gatwick, England) we had to take the “Gatwick Express” (train) to London.  Next to the airport at the train terminal there were pigeons inside the terminal.  When we got on the train we all looked at my backpack and there was bird poop on it. What made it worse it that we couldn’t find a trash bin and we didn’t want to liter so I had to put the dirty napkin in my bag!  My bag was brand new and hadn’t been used for 15 minutes.  Dad said maybe it’s good luck, but it didn’t seem like good luck to get crapped on in the first place!

We took the train to London and it was a cool experience because the neighborhoods are way different than the US.   After we arrived in London we had to jump on the underground (English version of the subway). That was the confusing part to me because there were so many stops and there’s no signs warning you that your stop is coming (unlike the light rail where you can see everything.)  As it turned out the underground was on strike.  Because of this we had to walk about a half a mile with our 3,000 pound backpacks on.   But it was cool because we were in the middle of London.  By the way when we were walking with the backpacks Dad was the one who was complaining the whole time.

That’s it for now.  Keep reading and I will keep writing.   

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Gatwick Express from Gatwick Airpo…
Gatwick Express from Gatwick Airp…
Walk to Hostel - London, England
Walk to Hostel - London, England
photo by: ulysses