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Waiting for the Airporter Shuttle - San Francisco, California U.S.A.

Café con Leche inspired a great debate of whether or not Christy ordered a “Café con Leche” or some other version of a coffee drink.

"Shut up Frito Feet!"  At one point during the trip Ali had worn her shoes one too many days.  Christy unknowingly made a remark about something smelling like Fritos.  Turns out it was Ali’s feet!  Sam quickly jumped on this and appropriately named Ali “Frito Feet".

Big Button or Little Button?  In many parts of Europe the toilets had two buttons, a "Big Button and a "Little Button".  The Big Button corresponds to a flush of #2 and the Little Button corresponds to a flush of #1.  As you can imagine potty talk now became a question of "big button or little button?"

Wicky Wheet was Trent’s pronunciation of the Dutch/Belgian Beer “Wieckse Witte”.  In Dutch W’s are pronounced as V’s and Trent’s pronunciation was way off which rendered the waitress clueless of what he was asking for.

Quick swim in the Mediterranean left Trent and Sam with greasy palms.

Catching Flies on the Ride Home - San Francisco, California U.S.A.
  Still unsure of why?!

"First Class sir!", was Sam's response to any train ticket booth personnel even if the question was, “where would you like to go?”


The following conversation took place after Sam and Ali had nearly finished off their first glass of wine, ever.  Steak and Fries Restaurant - Paris, France
Sam: "Man it's hot in here!"
Ali:  "No it's not, you’re just drunk!"


Sam learned to shuffle cards and "complete the bridge".  He also learned how to play solitaire and proceeded to play nearly 9 hours strait on the plane ride home.

Deodorant on the Feet - Sam had the idea of deodorant on the bottom of your feet and it works great!  Keeps well used shoes on a backpacking trip smelling fresh.  Just use as you would on under your arms.


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Waiting for the Airporter Shuttle …
Waiting for the Airporter Shuttle…
Catching Flies on the Ride Home - …
Catching Flies on the Ride Home -…
Rancho Cordova
photo by: TDOGGY