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I set my alarm for 11 o'clock this morning..  and ended up waking up at 8:30am!!! Man.. what is wrong with me??  I layed in bed for a bit then went down and had my morning Starbucks. I love the fact that it's in the lobby..  I should really get on in my living room!!  I eventually made my way back upstairs and got ready. 

 Adrian and I were meeting Brett, Erin, Matt and Mark at.... can anyone guess??....  That's right.. Leftys!!  We made it there by about 12 and got some lunch.  Erin and Brett introduced me to Bloody Marys..  I wasn't a huge fan until I realised it tasted better with a little bit of lime juice!  Once we finished in there, we headed back down to Fishermans Warf and watched the sea lions that were just lounging around!  It was really cool to see them all just hanging out! 

From there we headed to Hooters to grab another drink.

.. (ok.. so here is where I stop and preface that no one is an alcoholic.. but when you are on vacation.... anything goes!!  well.. almost!!),  After our mix of soda, beer and Sangria, Erin, Brett and I headed over to Buena Vista Cafe for an Irish Coffee.. which was incredbile!

Once we left there, we met back up with Adrian, Mark and Matt and then said goodbye to Brett and Erin.  With it being just us four guys left, we headed over to Chinatown and grabbed some dinner.  It was so much food, but it was all really good.  I finally got to have some Bok Choy... wich I haven't had in years.  I think I could have eaten the whole plate by myself. 

From there we left and walked back to Leftys.. (no not to drink!!) and got someone to take a photo of us with our "2nd home" in San Fran.

 Adrian and I said goodbye to Matt and Mark and then headed back to the hotel to grab our stuff before leaving for the airport.  Eventually we made it to SFO said goodbye to each other before our respective flights.  I grabbed some coffee and then waited to take off.  I had fun going through my camera and looking at all the pics.   It's always great to meet other people who share a common bond like traveling.  It's an experience that so few enjoy and I'm proud to be one of the people who thrive on it!!  A big shout out to everyone who came to the 3 day meet-up.  It was great meeting you all and I know we'll be seeing each other again in the future!!!!!

My flight tonight is again on United Airlines direct to Boston.  Tomorrow I'm spending the day in New York City with some friends before heading home!!!

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