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We met up with Adrian,Ian, and Matt right at noon and shortly thereafter, Mark arrived. Surpisingly, everyone looked alive and ready to tackle the day!  As we soon learned, only Brett, Ian, and I were up for the Bloodies!  Ian had never tried a Bloody Mary so he needed to be "deflowered".  :-)  After scarfing down some food at Lefty's, we headed down to Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf area.  We wandered around a bit and landed at Hooters since Mark and Matt had never been.  Of course they had to get a couple photos with the girls - surprise surprise!  We then headed off to the Buena Vista for an Irish Coffee.  Sadly both Mark and Matt were still on sodas for the day!! HAHA. 

We said our goodbyes there as it was already getting late and Adrian and Ian had flights to catch.

  They were going down to Chinatown and Brett and I were staying in this area as we had dinner plans for that night.  Brett and I instantly found something of interest - a new wine store with tastings! Whoo Hoo!  There happened to be a special event going on that day - Jeff from Twisted Oak was there presenting his wines.  All of which were fantastic...I can't wait to join their wine club (even though I will have to get them shipped to Mom's house!).  We also met a really cool wine blogger, Thea, who was hanging out.  Looking forward to visiting Jeff at his tasting room in Calaveras County before we leave to Taiwan for good. 

And yes, we ended up with a hilarious rubber chicken for our new travel gnome! LOL.  Chicken forum lives! We took the rubber chicken to dinner with us and  I am pretty sure he's going to end up in a number of photos going forward.  :D

Brett and I had an incredible dinner at Franciscan on the water - ate a whole garlic crab. Yum!  Next we headed back to the hotel where Brett had to sadly get ready to leave and catch his 1:30am flight. :-(  It was a great weekend and so happy we were able to hang out all weekend and my packing/moving out of the house is all finished!!!  

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