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The begging of my trip started about eight months before I even thought about going to India,

I worked in a wood mill as a cross cuter, and one evening, as we were changing out our measurements for a new order I was standing on a conveyor belt, and as I placed my last stop someone pulled the start rope, which through me into the air and down onto the conveyor belt, I took out two steal beams with my legs and the last one landed on my chest, at that moment one of my co -workers pulled the stop rope. they found me unconscious with the steal beam laying on my throat....

I spent many months in rehab, frightened to leave my home and every day was a struggle!!! but to no prevail I didn't get any help from the doctors, all they could say is this is how life will be, and truly I couldn't believe that my live would be this way forever..

about 6 months after my accident, I was invited to go to India, my mother had resided there for about 15 year, and she thought that it would be a good Idea to have me go and spend some time with her, and maybe see some eastern doctors, so in December I boarded a plane, to New Deli. I would have to say that this was one of the most difficult things I thought Id never get through, I could hardly leave my own home without having a panic attack let alone getting into a metal box 10,000 feet above the earth, but I did and I landed in India 18 hours later.

I walked out of the airport into an area where there where about 100 people waiting for their loved one, and at that moment I felt as if I knew each and everyone of them as if they were all waiting for me!!!

my mother appeared out of the crowd, and whisked me away to a 4 star hotel with a marble tub, gold fixtures, four coarse meals and full body messages, we spent 2 days in Deli and then off to a wonderful place called Rishikish which sits at the foot hills of the Himalayans and the river of the Ganges!!!

it took use 6 hours to get there by taxi, which was an adventure in its self!! we arrived and my mother sent me up to a a local motel owner to get a room which was nothing like the hotel in Deli , it was four concrete walls and a grass bed, no toilet and no hot water! And the next day I was trapped in my room for hour, due to those bad monkeys that kept me captive, waiting for the American to leave her room so they could take what ever I may have in my possession.

After being in India for a few weeks at this point I was feeling pretty comfortable, the people were very friendly, people were amazed with my light skin and blonde hair, one lady even ran up to me and had her husband take pictures of the two of us!!!

I was having a great time, matter of fact it was almost Christmas and we were getting ready for a great big celebration, I had come to find that the Indians loved to celebrate!!! we were wrapping presents for the kids in the village and listening to the radio, we were all having a great time,

Until!!!!! we heard a voice come over the radio calling for all the Hindus Seeks and Muslims to hunt down all the British, and Americans and kill them!!!! in the name of a holy war and in the name of Osama bin Laden!!!

ok, ok, ok, at this point my stomach hit the floor, and all my mother could say was, this man is crazy, he's insane!!! as she ranted and raved, I took myself to my room and wondered what in hell was I doing in a strange country, with out my children, way from my home!!! what was I thinking!! all I could do was cry,, and cry I did until I fell asleep !!!

I awoke to screaming and yelling, and then car tires squealing in the streets then gun fire, I thought, how was I going to get out of this, there was only one way into and out of my room, I thought that I could hide under the grass bed but I knew that they would finally find me, I thought that I I could try to sneak out but I couldn't see anything or anyone so I just waited, I waited for days listening to all the chaos going on, on the other side of my door!!!!

on the third day I heard a knock at my door, I became paralyzed, I held my breath and hoped that they would go away, they knocked again and I seen my whole world flash before my eyes, and in that moment I heard a voice call out my name!! it sounded formulary, again they called my name , then asked are you OK? I slowly opened the door and one of my mothers friends said your mother is worried about you she hasn't seen you in days, then I asked about the gun fire the screaming etc. she smiled softly and said that is a spiritual teacher up on the hill, its his birthday they celebrate for 3 days and three nights, thousand of people come to see him because he doesn't receive gifts but instead he gives gifts!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                        that day I learned a great and wonderful lesson!!!! what you think is true, is not always the truth!!!!!! its allowed me to have a life time a grand adventures!!!!!

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