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We arrived in Trogir with the hope of catching a bus to Sibenik, our guidebook stated that Sibenik was half an hour away from the park and we would be able to get a local bus from there.  We found the same lady at the station ticket/information desk we spoke to yesterday, and again, she said the bus we needed was every 10 minutes outside the supermarket.  We weren't told how much this would cost or which particular bus service would take us to Sibenik.  After waiting at the supermarket for 45 minutes, my girlfriend and I gave up and decided to just get on the next bus that comes along, wherever it goes!  Lo and behold, a Eurolines bus travelling from Dubrovnik to Zurich (Switzerland) arrived, and one of the destinations before Zurich happened to be Sibenik.
  However, the driver said that all tickets must be booked through Eurolines and we weren't allowed to board.  I don't know how true this was because there were other people boarding, they didn't appear to show any form of ticketing to the driver.  After getting off the bus, the driver then said he'd take us to Sibenik for a small fee (for himself - not Eurolines!).  This was purely so he could line his own pockets but I hope there was a bit of sympathy there for us!  Full of joy, we hopped back onto the bus, and began our very scenic journey to Sibenik.  The journey would take about an hour, and given the luxury of a modern Eurolines coach, (and air con!!), we thought 50 Kuna (total for both of us) for the driver would be ideal.  This was a bargain because the bus back would cost 68 Kuna!  On arrival in Sibenik we checked out the times for the bus to Krka, and found that we had a couple of hours to kill, so we went for a stroll through the old city of Sibenik.  Like Trogir and Split, the streets of Sibenik are also maze-like and narrow.  The main highlight of Sibenik is St Ana Fortress situated on a little hill overlooking the old city.  By the time we'd finished walking around the old city we only had enough time for a quick drink before heading back to the station for the bus to Krka.   
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photo by: asturjimmy