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Where do I begin?  My interest in studying abroad started when I hosted foregin exchange students in college.  Listening to them talk about their countries really made me curious and wanting to explore.  I was lucky to have the chance to study abroad in Cordoba, Spain this past fall and it was INCREDIBLE.  Although the first three weeks were difficult, adjusting to the culture and the language, I began to love their lifestyle and now am trying to plan my next trip back.  Granted, I was blessed with the family of my dreams( the nicest parents ever and brothers!) but living with a family was an inlet into Spanish lives.  My family, like many others, never really ate breakfast ( a cup of coffee and sometimes a piece of toast) and would have lunch around 3:30pm were practically the whole family would attend.  Their lunch is the equivalent of our dinner importance wise.  It is when parents and children can talk about their days and current events.  In my family, watching the news was a daily ritual during lunch and would always stimulate a conversation.  People would take a "siesta", a nap, after lunch where they sleep anywhere from 1-3 hours, usually between the hours of 4-7.  During this time, 80% of the stores are closed, including the pharmacies and supermarkets (btw the hours of 2-6pm)  When the stores opened at 6pm, it is craziness.  I lived by "El Centro" and EVERDAY  the stores would be packed with people, as many people at the after thanksgiving day sale. The people in Spain are high on fashion and for a person who likes to dress very comfortable, I found myself extremely out of place when going out.  I mean their "normal" street clothes are what we consider fancy, going out gear and their "going out gear" is what we consier run way model clothes.  I have always wanted to change my style a bit and Spain definitly helped that along.  When I hung out with my little brother and his friends I noticed that they were all very dressed up(girls- make up like a movie star, matching clothes with earrings and super cute clothes and ALWAYS heels) so, to adapt to the culture, my dress code became slightly nicer and EVERYONE that i knew that was Spanish commented on how I looked after my haircut and wardrobe change. I shiver to think what they thought of me before not to say that these people are superficial because, before me, I don't think that these people have ever seen someone dress soooo sloppy (sweats and sweatshirts).  Fashion is a huge part of their culture and everyone is essentially a walking model and to be quite honest it was fun to be part of the scene than a spectator so my advise is, buy some new clothes and have fun!! (i got several cute things for under 10 euros at Zara)  so yeah...what else...oh yes, dinner is usually around 10:30pm which was a difficult change for lots of people on my program.  we snacked for the longest time on crackers but became accostumed to this eating schedule.  The food was always swimming in olive oil but you know what? with the amount of walking that everyone does, they don't gain a pound.  Most of the people in Spain are thin, yeah, the biggest size in any clothing store for ladies is an 8. no kidding. and that's another thing, working out at the gym almost doesn't exist because they don't need to  (for guys muscles aren't a huge thing there) and so yeah, people just walk...that's what they do.  they also smoke  A LOT. everytime i came back from a bar or discoteca my hair and clothes stank and my whole room would be tainted with the smell (my host parents thought i was smoking in my room it was that bad) there are so many other things that i learned to appreciate about our lives here in the States but I will fill you all in later

Dreamer33 says:
So glad you loved my city. It sounds like you had a great experience. Good luck
Posted on: Sep 03, 2011
kevinw83 says:
5 comments in 2 days. i'm in comment envy!!!
Posted on: Jan 19, 2006
dodge says:
Agree with their fashion instinct. Most of model in my country are Spainish. Can't imagine how they always walk in high heel.
Posted on: Jan 19, 2006
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