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We are now in a different country!

As much as I loved Italy, it has been exciting to be in another country--especially one that I knew little about previously. We arrived here yesterday after a day's drive from Padova. The drive was gorgeous! Tons of mountains--very Sound of Music-ish. I wish there had been places to stop and have look outs and take pictures. There were also all this clear rivers with water coming from snow up in the mountains.

The hotel here is top-notch. This is our first non-Best Western. Again, not that I don't like Best Western, but it is nice to be in a new chain. The internet here is AMAZING. You have to bring your computer to the lobby, so everyone in our group it seems like is down here. Luckily there is plush carpet and sofas and chairs everywhere--it's like our own computer library.

Last night we experienced our first Austrian food (similar, sort of, to German food). It was pretty good--I think we were just happy to not see any more square pizzas :) The people here in the restaurants have been extremely friendly, and the tap water was free and unlimited (ah, the small pleasures in life).

Today after class we went to the Kunsthistorisches museum (art) and then had kebabs (sp?) in the park for lunch by a Mozart monument. We got to tour the Vienna Opera House in the afternoon--it is beautiful inside. They really run a busy operation--they do a different show every night (so the same show may be playing every OTHER night) and then each show has a run of only 5 or 6 shows--leading to about 60 shows and 300 performances in the 10 month season each year. Standing tickets are only 4 Euros and you can buy them 2 hours before the show.

We had choir practice again (I can't wait until we are good enough to sing on a subway or street corner!) and then found this place for dinner a block from the hotel. This meal was definitely the best one I have had on this trip so far--there was this open sandwich with ham, cheese, onions, peppers, and pepperoni and then I got potato wedges too. :)

Now I'm about to work on my paper some more before bedtime at midnight so that I get enough sleep to be peppy for class in the morning!
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photo by: hellenica