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We are in our last night in Venice!! (well, Padova really, but I prefer Venice so I'm going to stick with that)

This has certainly been an interesting leg of the trip. I have learned many things here:

1. Do NOT get Italian Chinese food. I really mean it. We were getting sick of square pizzas and decided to get some, and I had food poisoning for almost the whole next 24 hours. I don't know when I will be able to eat Chinese food (or chicken, for that matter) again.
2. Padova is pretty but our hotel is kind of in the outskirts, so when you come home for the evening you are pretty much home.
3. Food in Venice is expensive but good.

4. Venice is beautiful!
5. Internet in Europe = not so beautiful, lol.
6. Europeans will give you an empty plastic cup before they will give you tap water, even though you are about to walk 5 ft to the bathroom and fill it with water anyway.

This was another one of the places where I was skeptical at first (probably having to do with the food poisoning and being in an area where I would not want to walk around after dark and where there is nothing closeby). However, when we went into the town center of Padova it was pretty cute. And Venice is, of course, amazing. I think it is my favorite city yet, with Florence as a very close second, and Rome third. Or maybe it ties with Florence.

One of the nice things about Europe is that you can pretty much decide day of where you want to go and just buy a bus, train, or metro pass and get whereever you want to go.
Grand Canal!
Though I was bummed to be so far from Venice (it takes about 3 hours total to get from here, to the train station, to the water bus, to your destination in Venice), the train rides have been pretty fun. The trains are double deckers. It is easier than I expected to figure out the whole ticket buying and validating thing yourself, though when we are in the group of 45 of us it ends up being very difficult to get around.

Venice has the best street atmosphere of the cities we have seen yet! In addition to a ton of beautiful glasswork shops, they also have many gelato shops, coffee/bars, restaurants, and everything else. We even found this cool walk-up margarita/smoothie place that was playing Cuban cantina music and that had servers rocking out to the music while they made drinks.

Yesterday we got to go to our first modern art museum--the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.
I was not expecting to enjoy modern art, but it was amazing--it may be my favorite museum yet. The paintings were very simple, and the museum was smaller and charming. My favorite was this gondola painting by Peggy Guggenheim's daughter. They also had a nice painting of a cyclist.

Today we had a free day. Jenny and I went into Venice for the day and went shopping!! I only brought a set amount of money, and I didn't bring my ATM card b/c of all the pickpockets, so we had to set aside our dinner/train/taxi home money at the beginning of the day--which was good because we both spent all the rest of the money we brought. Definitely the best shopping and great jewelry! We had one last sit down good pasta meal since we will be leaving Italy tomorrow and the food will probably be very different in the other countries.

Anyway, we are off to Vienna in the morning!

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Grand Canal!
Grand Canal!
Rialto Bridge in background
Rialto Bridge in background
behind the Guggenheim looking out …
behind the Guggenheim looking out…
Modern art at the Guggenheim (see …
Modern art at the Guggenheim (see…
From the Rialto bridge
From the Rialto bridge
Our fruit drink stand!
Our fruit drink stand!
Last gelato in Italy
Last gelato in Italy
photo by: asturjimmy