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Richard On Richards.
My journeys to Vancouver have always been a bit odd and a bit blurry. Which sounds strange coming from a sober person.

The first time I went there was a few years back to see Death By Stereo. The show was great but the bar scene afterwards was not. Just a bunch of random people in a maze looking room trying to talk to you as if you've been friends your whole life. Bums trying to sit on your car hood. It was a bizarre thing to encounter for my first time there.

The second time I went there was this past December. I ended up staying on the tour bus watching some boring chick flick and breaking my vegetarian rule and eating soup with chicken stock in it.
I prefer mods. Josh. On Tour.
Then getting dressed to watch The English Beat in a hot room. Just standing on the side of the stage feeling like the odd man out. It's just weird not selling merch and having a night off to twiddle my thumbs and dance in the crowd like everyone else. Plus you have to make it an adventure just to walk down the street to get a cup of hot chocolate. The sidewalks are lined with really drunk loud fellows hyping themselves up. Girls who are pretending they're not cold wearing thongs and boobie tassles.

Heading back there this time was a little different. I arrived when the sun was still out. Was told that the Vancouver locals refer to the venue as "dicks on dicks" instead of Richards On Richards. Then was informed that there was nothing around the venue to actually do. We ventured out on a walk and came across a Starbucks and decided we better have a half stale pastry because we might not be finding any other kind of food. It's just nice to get a walk in after a long bus ride and before a long night. A few blocks later we came across a grocery store where we actually had the chance to stock up on a little bit food and get some new plants to add to the family. Which was great because these ended up being indoor plants instead of the cute little outdoor ones we got on the first day of tour in Fairfax and at this point had slowly started to die. To tell you the truth I wasn't very much impressed with the part of the city were were in. Everyone told me that the rest of the city is great. This was just filled with tons of apartments with trendy eating places that didn't look appetizing to me what so ever.

While setting up merch these old guys started talking to me about the city and bands that have come through. One asked what my name was. When I said Candy he asked.. why do they call you that? I said because that's my name. I don't understand sometimes why people don't think Candy is my name. Why would I just make something up? Does it sound cute? No.

My friend Josh who has recently made the move from Edmonton Alberta to Vancouver was coming out to the show. I haven't seen him since Feb 07. We were well overdue for a reunion. We laughed all night about me getting in a fight with the venue the first day of tour in Fairfax. How this guy kept coming up and telling me that I have the best haircut ever. Josh said that the guy had the best chelsea cut. We seen this guy who Josh said looked like he could be a bad guy from a James Bond movie. We tought that he had a tear drop tattooed under his eye but it turned out to just be a mole. While loading out the gear there was a huge probably 6'5 tranny across the street clad in all in white. White mini skirt, white boots, and a white jacket.

All in all Vancouver at night has a lot of drunk people stumbling down the streets just trying to find their way home.
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Richard On Richards.
Richard On Richards.
I prefer mods. Josh. On Tour.
I prefer mods. Josh. On Tour.
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