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Reunited after 2 years. Ben. On Tour.

The show in Edmonton ended up being canceled due to the venue closing down so I was thrilled when one of my best friends called me up to say that he was going to make the 4 hour drive to Calgary. Everything was going fine when we arrived. All turned sour quickly. Nobody left the trailer keys behind for me. It was a bit toasty out. We're at the college so I haven't a clue where the venue is at. Let alone how to find the actual way into the building. I'm stomping up these flights of stairs hyping myself up that I know where I'm going. I find the venue. Find the key guardian. Head back for the trailer. I'm good again. Only to find that a bucket of white tshirts had to knocked over on the floor. Now, all the loading in and out of things leaves the trailer a bit dirty. You could only imagine the fire in eyes when I found 3 shirts dirty. The kind of grimy dirt that only smudges and makes it worse when you try to smack or wipe it off. I head back into the venue to try to find my boss. For someone reason singing my sorrows to him makes me think that everything will be alright. I guess it's more of a venting thing. Couldn't find him. Jai had asked if everything alright... NO! is all that I can answer back. I head back to the bus. Bo tells me that he has to move the bus. Which pissed me off that I didn't get enough time to pull shirts. I'm thinking that I have to sit around and wait for him to find a spot to park and I won't get anything set up for another hour. Little did I know that the bus was only getting pulled up a few feet. Yes, my drama queen side kicked it. I step onto the bus and Dave must have known something wasn't right. He asks what's wrong and I said the shirts are dirty and nobody cares because it's not their shirts. I heard Bo fill him in. I washed the shirts in the sink. Good as new.

It was time to turn in the guest list. This meat head jock wouldn't let me into the venue because it wasn't door time yet. I told him that I had to step into the production office to drop off the guest list. He said that I would have to wait until the girl showed up. I said yes, well I do the merch that's all set up right there. I can go to the bar and ask them if I can go into the office. This guy said no and just wanted me to wait for the girl to come back out. I said well is she coming out? He didn't know. After a few minutes I seen myself in. Dropped the list off. On the way back I stopped and said to him.. we're both wearing the same kinda sorta shorts (camouflage).. the only difference is.. we can almost see my vagina but we can't see yours. Smiled. Then walked off. Everyone in my camp were shocked to hear the story. They were like nooooooo.

It was nearing about 10:30 and I still hadn't heard from Ben. I was getting really nervous. Wasn't sure if he decided to blow out the show or if something happened. Knock on wood.

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Reunited after 2 years. Ben. On To…
Reunited after 2 years. Ben. On T…
photo by: Vikram