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Adding To The Flowers
Like I had finished the last blog. We spent the day in slow mo. Heading to Calgary. We spent a good amount of the afternoon stocking up at Walmart. All on goods to perk up the bus.

Bo (the driver) ended up stopping in the middle of the night somewhere in Alberta. Dave and I took a stroll to see if anything was open. Diner = closed. Gas station = closed. McDonalds (which we didn't care about) = open but only drive through. We started down the street because we both needed a good walk for the day. Tim Horton's had just closed their doors for the night. We turned around and headed back to the bus. It was a bit nippy out.

We've been spending our days watching good movies like The Constant Gardener & In Bruges (yes, I am a huge Ralph Fiennes fan). Billy Liar because I'm into the 60s and mods plus my boss is English. Wings Of Desire which I had to hunt down and only found on VHS because it's Dave's favorite movie of all time. I have never seen it. Too bad I got really car sick and couldn't enjoy it. I had to force myself to sleep halfway through. Woke up to watch the ending though.
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Adding To The Flowers
Adding To The Flowers
photo by: mountaingirl