Day 2 - It's raining & time to watch my first Baseball game

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Day 2, I woke up quite early (doh) but managed to get back to sleep and got up, finally, around 09.30, I glanced outside and saw it was raining ... what!!! Rain! In California! Oh poo!

So I searched my guidebooks for places to go and what to see in the rain, I happened upon the Cartoon Art Museum which sounded fun. So I headed out and walked the few blocks to the Museum - now I'm not really a Museum or an Art person but the Cartoon Art Museum was fun and made me smile; especially the Japanese Samurai Rabbit (Usagi Yojimbo).

The rain was building so I headed back to my hostel and rested for the afternoon, chatting with my room mates.

The evening came, and I headed out back into the rain for the Baseball game, I was excited I knew nothing about Baseball but I was looking forward to seeing the great American game and to meeting more new people. I thought about hailing a cab, but when I saw the traffic (being 17.30) I realised it would be quicker to walk. So I finally got to 21st Amendment completely drenched, walking in I found Mark, but we didn't see anyone else, so I settled back with a local beer and waited, watching the door to see if anyone I recognised walked in. About 20 minutes later Nicole and Amy arrived and seconds later Adrian, we found that a few of the guys had already been in the bar and we just hadn't spotted them, whoops! All grabbing a drink, we sat at a table and a few minutes later got kicked out ... everybody had to order food to be allowed to sit at the table. EH???!!! Whatever, it was 19.00 by then and the game was just about to begin. We quickly established that between Nicole and I we had a few too many tickets, but when approached by a ticket tout offering me $10 for my two spare tickets I was like "HELL NO"!!!!! To which Nicole, Brian & Co all fell about laughing; infact I don't think Nicole will ever let me forget it! Cheers luv! *said in my best Northern accent* :D

We got to our seats in the bleachers and settled down to the game, chatting and laughing and not actually taking that much notice of what was happening out on the field. I went and got myself some food and tacky souvenirs for my cousin (who'd asked for some tack), I decided I'd avoid the famous Giants garlic fries, I thought I'd had enough garlic the night before. After a good game, I got more into it at the end as it got much closer (the Giants won! Yay!), we left the stadium and said goodbye to Nicole, Brian and Amy and set off for some after game drinks. We went to a bar that Adrian and Pranab had been at before the game, one drink later and we were a man down ... Pranab had deserted us to chat with 6 women (charming). So we left him to it and Adrian, Mark, Bill and I headed to Lefty's. When we got there we met up with Erin and Brett, a few minutes later Michelle turned up and little later still Ian (Adrian's roomy) found us. Again the beer was free flowing and we finally got turfed out the bar by the cops at 02.00!!!! An odd end to a Brilliant evening!
Nico22 says:
Love it!
Posted on: May 12, 2009
mpope9 says:
Updated especially for you N!
The cops kicking us out wasn't all that... apparently there'd been some trouble after the game and some windows were smashed etc. So the cops were out on the streets in force and were emptying the bars to ensure there was no more trouble. We chatted about this on Sat eve I think, I guess you weren't around at that point (or maybe it was Sunday) I can't remember! :)
Posted on: May 12, 2009
Nico22 says:
You got kicked out of the bar by the cops at the end of the night?! I didn't hear about these shannanigans. Great write up Matt. You do require 1 minor correction to your quote. After offered $10 for two spare tickets you said "HELL NO". :)
Posted on: May 12, 2009
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