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It's been a while before I have been able to do a blog! I left off on my last night in Kisii.  The next morning my dad and Paul and I headed back to the Mara for our safari. Pat and Don went on to Kissumu to go to more schools. My dad and I were also joined for the safari by Jake and Alex (they were the ones staying at the orphanage outside of Tobaka). The safari lodge was AMAZING! There were monkeys every where! There was a whole pond thing full of hippos, and when we first got there, an elephant was wading in the pool, eating some leaves! It was awesome!

After a quick lunch we went on our first actual safari drive. The roof of our van popped up, and we were lucky enough to be "serenaded" by Jake and Alex singing songs from Lion King. I was shocked to see 9 lions! One of the lions was just lying in the body of the African Buffalo they had killed, and the others were just hanging out! We went on to see a huge herd of African Buffaloes, some hyenas, and lots of elephants. I had to keep reminding myself that these were wild animals, and I was on an actual safari! We were on safari for two days and had the oppurtunity to get really close to a lot of elephants, some giraffes, 6 cheetahs, about 8 ostriches, and sooo much more! We had an amazing time, and Jake and Alex had us laughing the ENTIRE time! It was sad seeing them go back to Kissi, as my Dad and I headed to Nairobi.

Since we were not able to connect to internet at all of safari, and since I get car sick, we decided to log on to travbuddy, so my Dad could read my comments to me. It was a HUGE surprise when my dad started reading the comments saying things like, "Congrats on being featured!" I had NO idea. Its such a honor to be a featured blogger. I started my blog so my friends could keep in touch while I was on my trip and every time I log on it feels so great to get all the feedback from people from all over the world! So thank you all for reading my blog! It really does mean a lot to me! It was so sad leaving Kenya the next day. I am actually getting a little teared up right now thinking about it. I LOVED Kenya, and I miss it so much already.

I miss how none of the kids could say, "Molly" and the whole time EVERYONE called me "Maurry"

I miss the enthusiasm all the kids had for everything! Their education, their incoming libraries, the dances, and performances they put on for us, and above all their enthusiasm for life.

I miss the rolling green hills filled with tea bushes.

I miss the dry grass land of the Maasai land, that seemed to go on forever, and how out of no where a school or a village would pop up!

I miss how welcoming everyone one was, and how eager they all were to meet us. I miss orange Fanta. I miss my Princess Bed

and I miss getting to spend an amazing two weeks with my dad. This trip would have in no way been possible without him, and I wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone but him! He edited my blog everyday, and took ALL of the amazing pictures on my blog. So photo credit to him!

We left Kenya at 9:00 am, and flew into London. We spent the night there and got to go out, get some fish and chips, and walk around Piccadilly Circus. I will never forget my trip, and I can't wait to go next summer and bring my mom, sister, and best friend!! I have BIG plans for my next trip. There is so much still that needs to be done, and if you are interested in helping out e-mail me at SweetMollyAnn@aol.com, or message me on travbuddy, and I will help you find a way that you can help!    
ajacksonb says:
Welcome home Molly! I can't wait to hear all about it (in addition to the blog)! Congrats on such a memorable, inspiring, and important trip! Thanks for sharing with all of us!
Posted on: Jun 17, 2009
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