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Small 180 off a ledge.
When I wasn't busy coding in the labs for some computer science project, I would frequently head up to Lake Tahoe with my friends to do some skiing. Tahoe is about a 3 hr drive from Berkeley. We would usually wake up and leave at an ungodly hour, around 4-5AM, ski for the day, then make the exhausting drive back home. I remember these trips fondly and would consider them some of the highlights of my college experience.

The Resorts

Kirkwood - By far my favorite resort in Tahoe. Not as crowded and has lots of back country runs with challenging terrain. Only problem is that it is also harder to get to, and the highway there can be treacherous after snowfall. We've seen many cars slide on the icy roads, including a truck directly in front of us that lost control and fish-tailed into a snowbank on the opposite side of the highway

Sugar Bowl
- Probably my second favorite resort.
Me falling while trying to do something stupid. I was trying to lightly drag the tip of one ski across the snow while going fast. My friends like seeing me fall :P
Easy to get to and they usually have a few good jumps in the terrain park set up.

Northstar -
When I went here it was crowded, runs were too easy, and the snow was marginal. Probably wouldn't come back.

Heavenly -
Worth going once just for the view. Spectacular views of Lake Tahoe while skiing down the runs.

My friends and I liked to play pranks on each other. While picking up my friend for the early morning drive to Tahoe I realized that I had forgotten to bring a bottle of sunscreen. I asked if he could bring a bottle of his and he gleefully agreed. Fast forward 4 hrs, when we are getting ready to hit the slopes. I ask him for the sunscreen and he tosses it over. The sunscreen has an odd, chunky texture, but, being half-asleep from the early morning drive, I accept his explanation that this odd consistency is due to the cold temperature.
Simple jump and grab
I apply some sunscreen to my face and rub it in good. A few seconds later my face starts burning uncontrollably! It turns out that he had mixed his sunscreen with, a "topical pain reliever that gets ICY to dull the pain, then HOT to relax it away." I assure you that this experience was less than relaxing, but it was a good prank. Good job, Max.

- Another time we went to Tahoe with one of my friends, Tim, who hadn't skiied for a long time. We took him on the terrain park and warned him to scout out the jumps on the first passthrough, so he could see what the landings were like. We got split up on the slope, and I met another friend, Joey, at the bottom of the run. He was laughing hysterically and mentioned that he had just seen someone totally wipe out on one of the jumps.
Eric and Joey doing moguls
We both chuckled and went down to the ski-lift area.

 At this point Tim was still missing, but we figured he was just taking his time down the run. Also, there was some sort of event going on, and people in tents were handing out free smoothies and power bars, so we both got distracted for a few minutes. Fifteen minutes later, Tim had still not arrived, and we were starting to get a bit worried. At this point I began to connect the hysterical wipeout with the missing Tim, and started walking up towards the slope. I didn't go too far before running into a ski patrol lugging some poor guy down in a sled. It was Tim, and apparently he had been knocked unconscious after wiping out on the jump!

The ski patrol gave him a quick checkup and recommended that we get his neck x-rayed. We drove to Truckee, the closest town with a hospital and self-proclaimed "broken bone capitol" of the world. They found a small fracture but it wasn't too serious, and gave Tim a stylish neckbrace to wear. Despite nearly killing himself, Tim took things fairly well in stride, although I'm not sure if he'll be too keen on skiing with us again...

ctjevans says:
yikes! poor Tim, haha
Tahoe's awesome and the lake is beautiful! I snowboarded at Heavenly and loved it even though I was still a novice at the time and was out of control on my rented red board. I wore jeans (which ended up soaked from spending so much time falling down), a regular coat & gloves, and had to buy a hat, but it was still a blast! good stories - thanks for sharing your interesting adventures.
Posted on: Dec 06, 2007
lindseyrpi says:
I love Lake Tahoe. Heavenly is my favorite but probably only cause I've skied there the most and it has an amazing view! We usually stay at harrahs and walk to the gondola a block away. I went/go to school in the northeast coast and our conditions suck comparatively.
Posted on: Jul 02, 2007
fredleal says:
yes, i wouldn't say any less! the on;y time i tried skiing, it lasted for just a couple of hours. i just couldn't get the damn thing to stop! hehehe
Posted on: Apr 19, 2007
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Small 180 off a ledge.
Me falling while trying to do som…
Simple jump and grab
Eric and Joey doing moguls
Ski jump off the cornice
Joey getting BIG AIR!!!
Joey getting BIG AIR!!!
Kevin getting BIG AIR!!!
Kevin getting BIG AIR!!!
Driving back on snowy roads.
Driving back on snowy roads.
Driving back, sunset.
Driving back, sunset.
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photo by: Eric