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After landing three hours late, I called my friend Vlad up to come pick me up from the airport.  He showed up an hour later and we were off to his place to drop off my stuff.  The metro ride was about 45 minutes long with two transfers.  An hour or two later, I was feeling pretty hungry so we we went to a restaurant (Domingo's) where you can buy breaded chicken and salad for five Euros.  After dinner, we walked around a bit and Vlad showed me some of the sites by foot.  With daylight running out, we decided to buy some beers and hang out in a plaza and people-watched for a bit. 

All kinds of people were out. There were some vendors on the side selling trinkets, DVDs, Records, etc.  There were some kids hanging out.  People walking their dogs.  People just hanging out too.
  After that, we went bought a bottle of rum and a 2 liter of coke and split it in a park.  That was where I noticed random guys peeing just out in the open without any worry of who was walking by.  With our two liter finished, it was off to the bar for a beer or two.

Some more random walking led  us to the imperial palace and on to our last stop of the night.  We got to the bar and the bouncer wanted a 10 Euro cover charge.  We stood outside talking about whether we wanted to pay and go in, or just call it a night.  The bouncer asked us where we were from and let us in without charging us.  It was a rather touristy bar.  Plenty of people talking Ingles in the bar and we started talking to some people that were from England. 

The "night" ended with us walking home at 6 AM and plenty of sunlight outside.  Just a typical Friday in Madrid (Welcome to Spain)
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