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On our way to the Grand Canyon

Since i got back in The Netherlands, people are asking me what impressed me most during my trip to the States. My awnser is that there were two things. I'll get back on one of those two later, but the other one is definately my Arizona day. We woke up early that day and drove east, out of Vegas with our rented Dodge. In the beginning there wasn't much to see. We drove in a poor landscape without villages or anything else to see. After a while we entered some villages. One of them was Boulder City. I didn't know that, but this village came in existance not that long ago when the nearby Hoover Dam was built. The workers needed a place to sleep after work and that was next to the lake Mead. The water of this lake is stopped by the Dam.

When the Hoover Dam was finished, the workers were used to live in this place for so long that they decided to stay. We stopped the car a enjoyed the view of the lake here for a few minutes. You couldn't see the Hoover Dam from here. So we drove a few minutes more and unexpectedly, after a few turns, the immense Hoover Dam was there. It is such a huge construction. Half of the Dam is in the state of Nevada and half of it is in the state of Arizona. We parked the car in Arizona and walked back to the Dam. It's even bigger when you walk on it then when you drive. For the people that are afraid of hights, don't look down! This is deep, very deep! We had a great view of the lake, that normally has more water in it, that was the case now.
You could see the normal waterlevel on the rocks around the lake. The part of them that usually is under water, was white. Beautiful to see. On the other site of the Dam, we saw the construction of a huge bridge over such a deep canyon. We were looked forward now the see the Grand Canyon because this canyon was already very deep!

We drove on east through a landscape with rocky hills, a landscape that i had never seen before. It was a little like a trip on the moon (not that i've ever been there!!). After a while it got a little bit greener again and we left the paved road to a sandy road that would lead us to the Grand Canyon west. To me it was quite incredible that they built something like a Skywalk over the Grand Canyon that had cost so much money and that must be an attraction for so many tourist but there isn't any paved road. Is it just me who thinks that's strange? Anyway, it was a nice cowboy ride in the desert with all those cactuses and wild cows. After an hour we arrived at the Grand Canyon west apperently. There wasn't anything to see, but there was a small parking of where we should go further with a bus. The bus drove us 10 minutes further and when we got out, we had the best view i've ever seen. Honestly. You can't imagine what you see over there. It's so impressive! Those Canyons were so deep, and it was even more beautiful. It's been 3 weeks since i've been there now but i know exactly was it was like now i'm writing about it. We took some photos in front of the famous Eagle Point and then we entered the famous Sky Walk. For those who are afraid of hights, you will be scared to death. For those who are not afraid of hights, you will be scared to death too! It's only a glass floor where your standing on and that's just so scary. Your mind tells you nothing can happen but still you'll be afraid. But when you overcome that fear and you're standing on the Skywalk, you have the best view you'll ever have. Incredible. We spent the rest of the day here at the Grand Canyon the enjoy the view before we got back to Vegas again. So if people want to know what impressed me most, this was one thing!

Miranda-Maas says:
I definately will. Acowboy and i already talked about that, but go with us! I have to save some money first, but then i'll be back in Arizona :)
Posted on: May 19, 2009
daveruz90 says:
Glad you liked your trip!

acowboy: Good job! Those places are the best!! You definitely know where to go.

Next time you're out west ask one of us to reccommend some places you must see.
Posted on: May 18, 2009
acowboy says:
No Phoenix? well next time you come to Az, let me know.. i will show you Sedona, Bryce and Zion National Parks, Monument Valley and Canyon De Chelly!
Posted on: May 18, 2009
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On our way to the Grand Canyon
On our way to the Grand Canyon