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We have thousands of blogs up here talking about all of the wonderful places we have been.  Let's do something a little different.  Many of us have been somewhere that we would never describe as wonderful.  Let's talk about them.  In 1984 and 1985 I was unlucky enough to make a few trips into the country of Djibouti’s capital (only) city of .......Djibouti (how original). If there were any such thing as a fourth world country, Djibouti would be it (along with neighboring Somalia, which I also had the displeasure of visiting a few times).

Djibouti was pretty much primitive, filthy, and most of the people there were living in squalor.  Most lived in little shacks made of corrugated tin, really no more than lean-to’s.  The streets were mostly dirt, mud, or something I couldn’t (and didn’t want to identify). We did chance upon a club or two, with dirt floors, co-op bathrooms (just a room with dirt floors and trenches dug in them). The air was horrible. 

With that being said I do remember the people there being friendly enough.  But that was 23 years ago and I am not sure that if I went over there today I would get the same reception.

At any rate Djibouti gets my vote as the biggest crap-hole in the world.  If you are reading this and are from Djibouti I am sorry to offend you and hope things have improved in the last 23 years. 


txaggie says:
I am not sure what the big deal. Yes Djibouti is not Austria, Germany, or the USA. Let us complain about the lack of crime. I am from Texas and have seen scarier and nastier places in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, even in Chicago and Detroit. No Djibouti is Disneyland, but it is place that many people call home. Family and friends are at the heart of the society.

Nasty? I have gotten 1 case of major food poisoning, and 4 cases of moderate food poisoning from eating the food at Camp Lemonier (US Navy base). Back home I have gotten sick from eating at restaurants. So far I have not gotten sick from eating local food. Please, when discussing nasty do not think that just because 'we' have running water that we are any better. I avoid Camp food as much as is NASTY
Posted on: Nov 01, 2009
Siklykorupt says:
Why dont you guys shut the phuck up, you life racist ignorant jack asses. First of all, when ya'll went to Somalia, it was in civil war and the place is torned up right now, but did you use your low IQ's to maybe asks yourselves how it was like before the war. So dont be coming up here with this eurocentric false supriority complex. Do you see me talking about how your society have gays and incest practicing immorral degenerates?
Posted on: Jul 22, 2008
TexasRich says:
I've seen nastier places, such as areas of Somolia where there essentially NO government or sewers or running water. Djibouti, without a doubt, is the nastiest place I've ever been with a Western hotel designed to house tourists.
Posted on: Feb 12, 2008
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