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The last few days i've done absolutely nothing, sat on teh beach, got sunburned, read a couple books, walked around...and its been awsome.  In Limmossol i took a room at a guest house that was nothing but a bed.  The guy working had to be near a 100 years old. and was bundled up as if there was a blizzard out, even though it was 85 degrees, but he was very nice, and i dont think he ever slept.

I took the 1 hour mini bus ride to larnarca, and i had teh same driver that i had a few days earlier.  We had a bout an hour and a half to kill before the bus left, and proceeded to talk cypriot politics.  Especially aroudn the division of the country, and the occupying turks in the north.  when the turks invaded he was driven from his home in north cyprus, and has only been back once.  according to him, the situation is going to explode in the next ten years, even though it seems completely peaceful now, he says cypriots arent going to be able to stand the occupation much longer, and they thought that joining the EU would help rid the country of the turks, but the EU has done little. 

Today I'm in Nicosia (Lefkosia) the capital of cyprus and of northern cyrpus.  Talk about a very strange place.  The city is the alst divided capital in the world.  As i'm walked down the main pedestrian shoppign drag past clothing stores, Mc.D's starbucks...etc all of a sudden the there is a wall with sand bags adn barb wire, a guard tower, cyprus military personell.  i looked over the wall and it was no mans land... Bombed buildings, streets overgrown with weeds, and UN peacekeepers, one of whom, a brit, i had a converstion with through the barbwire.  I followed this dividing line thorugh the capital...every ally, stree, corridor, was blocked off.  One point was iteresting, itwas called check point charely...and it had a cafew, called Berlin 2 cafe... I would imagine that berlin was very similar to this city. 

I'm returning to the apartment i rented in larnaca for 5 days for my last night before hopping on my Aegean air flight to rome tomarrow.  Oh and by the way for the 1 hour flight between athens and cyprus Aegean air served better food than i have every had on an american air carrier...  Next bakc to rome for the third time...i'm seriously going to eat and drink non stop for the three days i'm there. Such good food...alot better than cyprus, i cant even get a decent kebab here.  I tink i'm have KFC tonight.ahah


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photo by: ewooce