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Copenhagen and amsterdam.

So my independent travels are winding down.  Tomarrow I'm meeting Robert in Bremmerhaven....gonna be sweet.  Copenhagen was a very cool city, and after the supper clean, bright, organized cities of the rest of scandanavia, it was refreshing.  THere was trash on the streets, druggies in the parks, and a very vibrant anti-culture.  This includes the self-proclaimed independte state of Christiana...which started as a hippie commune of free love and lots of drugs on what was know as "pusher Street"  Now its full of good cafe's and art galleries...and someof the best grafitti i've seen. 

The whole weekend was a good weekend to be in copenhagen...there were three festivlas goingo n at once.  THere was a giant latin style the park, as well as an orgranized set of spontaneous street parties all around the city, called Distortion.  SOme of these parties were inthe main square, others on boats under the bridges...all meant to bring together the 'intelligent socialites' together from the art, music, fashion, young crowds....sad things is some how all my pictures during then got deleted when i was transfering them off my camera...true dissappointment. 

I got to amsterdam a couple days ago...I'm staying at the world famous flying pig hostel, and so far it has lived up to its reputation as the second biggest party hostel in europe, next to the pink palace, on the greek island of corfu... the reception/bar/dancefloor/ chillout area is a constant have of marajuana smoke from 8am-3am...would be 24hrs, but bewcasue of a police sanction the bar now has to close for afew hours. 

I've met a few interesting people, one of which is a soldieron leave from iraq...hes small former asian gang member from NYC, who is on his third tour of iraq, and just  recently turned 21. He is about 5'2 and maybe a 110lbs...but some of his storeis are crazy...from the lives he's taken, to the near misses of him dying...he is very shanken up and just wnats to get back to the states for xmas, with his fiance and newborn kid...sad.

The rest of the people in the hostel are comprised of american/canadian backpackers fresh off the plane, who if we werent sitting in amsterdam, i could have picked out at any college party...makes me feel old...or atleast beyond my years ahah.  No matter how much of a bad rep this city get's, it is truly one of th egems of europe...between the canals the architecture, the parks, the food, the nightlife, and the cosmopolitan mix.  It wont be my last time ehre. 

Time for dinner, so i'm go grab a kebab, which i constantly crave in the US. and a cone full of fries...



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photo by: pearcetoyou