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My last day in turkey i went out to a place called pammukale.  It was a gorgeous calcium cliffs thing, that had hot  warter running over it.  It was not up to its full glory because of poor tourism regulation in the past, but still it was cool, something like mammouth hotsprings in yellowstone.

The next morning i took the expensive 1 hour ferry between kusadasi, turkey, and the greek island of samos.  I spent the day wondering around samos with a few aussies.  Around six our ferry set off for athens...with stops at about 6 other islands on the way.  It was one of the worst ferry rides i've been on.  we arrived at mykanos around 12.  after i tried to sleep in the seats, but was not very successful.  One time around 3  am i woke up and both my legs and both my arms were completely numb...which was very confusing in my groggy state.  Finally the ferry reached Athens at about 6am.  I made my way to the Athens backpakers hostel, which is awsome, i've stayed there several times, and highly recommend it. 

On the ferry i met a awsome girl from Berkely who just finished upa  semester in barcelona, and  now is backpacking around for a while on her own.  She had all day to kill until she caught the 30 somethign hour train to budapest.  After some.. breakfast, we set out to explore athens some...although i spent a lot of time in the city,  i hoped that it had enough to offer to entertain me for the day. Our first stop was the olympic  After some  walking, we decided to try out the places listed on a walking tour in her "lets go" guidebook.  Best idea ever.  First stop was a 130 year old greek wine and oouzo shop called brettos, We had the place to ourselves, and enjoyed a few glasses of wine.   

Next we set out to find some food, there was a place that we had heard about that was very good and if you go up and order the food takeaway, its a tenth the cost.  We found the place after some long searching...and had the best lunch possible, including wine bottled in old water bottles...ahah  We sat in the flea market.  Next, we set out for the legendary poet sandal maker.  we found his shop, which his family has had at the same location since early 1900s...his son was working and we each bout a strap of leather for 2 euros, and also took some of the poetry, which is actually realy good. 

anyways, we ended up getting some cherries and strawberry's and sat on a bench for a while people watching and spitting pits, then after a few beers on the terrace watching the sun set over the acropolis, she took off.  We're going to meet up in Stolkholm though, as our paths just happen cross over there  next week.  this is getting really long, so i'm continue it later, after i go hang at the beach for a while. , on cyprus, isreal and palestine....yes i went to palestine..ahah

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photo by: Johnpro