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So after flying and sitting in airports for 24 hours, i arrived into bucharest.  the city has a very grey feeling to it, and after seeing the mandatory sights, grilling up a lot of meat, and playing a new drinking game with 4 crazy brits, i was off to Brasov

Brasov is a cool city, big square, nice people.  The first night i was the only one in the hostel...but then it filled up.  I met this Federal marshall from brazil, who ran a team of special agents in the northern jungle fighting off the cocaine he was a badass.  We hired a car for the day and went to a town of Sinia, the pearl of the carpathians.  We took the cable cars to the top of the mountains with two old guys about 75 years old decked out in old school ski gear.  When we go tto the top, they had a surprising amount of snow left, and the old guys took off down the mountain.  ..

Next we headed to Bran, home of the infamous Dracula Castle.  We got their 1 minute before they were closing, so it was rushed, and not so spectacular.  That night, the football club from bucharest was playing some team from london in the finals of the second league in europe.  The square of brasov was full of thousands of people watchng the match on 50 foot looked liek they were going to win, and everyone was drinking dancing...but then the london team came back and ended up winning.  This put everyone in a bad mood and the square quickly emptied. I was with the brazilian marshal, and a canadian guy who had a shaved head and was wearing a black hoodie, which made him look exactly like a british football hoolagan.  We were planning to hit the bars, but the canadian kept getting flipped off and things thrown at him, so we decided to call it a night. 

so off by train to istanbul.  I left brasov at 9am with a short stop in bucharest to transfer trains, i got onto the bosfor express...20 hrs to istanbul...finished two books.  the train woudl be a lot faster, but we had to spend nearly 2 hours at both the romanian-bulgarian and the bulgarian-turkish boarders...i ahd a sleeper cabin to myself, which was sweet, but the heater was stuck on fuckin hot as hell, so barely slept.  Now turkey for the next week...good times.

I'll keep ya posted.


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