Seven Reasons (On My Mind Today) To Get To NYC This Summer

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As much as we at SW love to travel away from the US, we will both always love New York City like no other. Summer in NYC is a particular favorite. While there are millions of reasons we can both give you to get to NYC this summer, in the spirit of brevity, here are just seven at the top of my mind today:

1. Flights for a steal. In the days of yesteryear (aka before the recession), you had to plan in advance to get a good price on airfare. Now, such is not the case. You can get great deals to New York, often with no advance planning at all. It would cost me $120/one way or $237/round trip to get to JFK from my current city on Delta - tomorrow. And I’m on the West Coast. The trick? Avoid flying on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, and if possible, fly an airline with a hub in New York. I usually have a lot of luck with Continental into Newark, American into LaGuardia, or United, Delta and JetBlue into JFK, depending on where I am coming from. My current favorite fare search engine is Kayak.

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