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2 Iranian ladies - one in a chador, the other in a manteau. This is at the entrance to the Paradise Mall.

For many Iranians, Kish is a favourite  holiday island because of its more relaxed rules...for one foreign men are allowed knee length shorts!! They come here to let their hair down, not in the literal sense for the ladies though because you can still get caught by the moral police for showing you hair. Many ladies try to beat the police though - they do show their hair by tying their scarfs about halfway on their heads - never have I seen what must be the most use of hairspray ... their fringes would do Madonna proud - if only it was 1985, they would really be at the height of fashion!

Never have I seen so many beautiful women too.

The Maryam Mall
The Iranians  are beautiful..their skin colour (some peaches and cream, some with a Mediterranean tan) adds to their beauty. Most are fashion conscious - some are dressed in the traditional chador, (which means tent) while many are very fashionably dressed in manteaus (French for coat).. a kneelength coat which should be loose but the ladies have managed to make it become a fashion statement. Worn with jeans and fashonable shoes, these colorful manteaus really makes the wearer look good! Its great that women dress Islamically yet don't have to look dowdy.

The shopping centres here really cater to ladies needs though - shops upon shops sell hair products, from wigs to curlers to dyes! ...shopping must be the national past time here! For an island so small, it has about 7 major shopping centres! I particularly loved the Maryam Mall - a single storey mall reminiscent of a cowboy town! It was Kish's first mall and has about 20 shops only, but all worth having a look. Another popular mall is the Paradise Mall in the center of town..more upmarket, slightly expensive. As the norm with the Chinese, they've even set up shop on tiny Kish - there's an emporium selling everything form China here.

The downside here is that i couldn't find a single shop selling real Iranian souvenirs.. not a single shop sold Iranian pottery or tiles. Yes there were carpet shops but prices were triple what you'd pay for in Tehran or Isfahan so I quickly  forgot that idea. Its a pity really...

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2 Iranian ladies - one in a chador…
2 Iranian ladies - one in a chado…
The Maryam Mall
The Maryam Mall
photo by: nanie05