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Daytime picnic - Rice, a salad and a lamb dish.

It was a great 3 weeks in Kish - the hosts were so wonderful and hospitable and really welcomed me into their homes..

The food she prepared was awesome Parsi food. A soup which used lamb bones and cooked with lentils and eaten with bread was delicious! (Arsh if I'm not mistaken). I absolutely loved the Parsi rice - there was such a variety compared to the normal Asian style of just steaming or boiling white rice. The Iranians sometimes cook rice with cabbage, some were sweet (Pollow Shirin I think) ,some with a mix of green herbs, some with slices of potatoes in it - all i just love! You don't have to eat rice with anything - it has its own flavour. And amazingly, the thick crust that forms at the bottom of the pan is the most favoured part, whereas in other parts of Southeast Asia, you'd be embarassed to serve this to your guests!

They  love picnics! They think nothing of bringing pots and pans to the beach - complete meals right down to tea and desserts are eaten at the beach.

Night picnic - Roast chicken, pickled gherkins and bread.
 I also love that you can sit on carpeted platforms and have your tea while you people atmospheric!

As with the rest of Iran, the embargo has caused some inconvenience to the residents...who cares about not drinking Coca Cola or that there is no Mc Donalds but other aspects of normalcy are lacking. English magazines and books we take for granted  are not easily availabe.. nil in fact! The local TV stations are in Parsi, but one can easily get cable TV so there is Oprah and ER.

Some things I found were strict though....There is no co-educational school so boys and girls are segregated from a really young age. A boy and a girl may not walk together if they are not married...there is no together time alone for unmarried couples.

 The Parsis are generally very nice and friendly - they hardly see Malaysians here.

A Parsi dessert - the name of Imam Ali, the Shiites revered imam is spelled in spices..creative!
.when they found out that I'm Malaysian (and not a Filipino) and a Muslim at that they become so interested to know more about my country...the Sunni and Shiite Muslims share some common threads but the differences are great too...

I left Kish feeling sad that I would probably never set foot on the island again- its one of those places you'd only visit once as its not really on the tourist map - overshadowed by the more beautiful Esfahan or modern Dubai...nevertheless I would recommend visiting but only when the weather is good , from November to February - otherwise you might just get fried!

I hope to visit Esfahan, Shiraz and Tehran next - it would be great to absorb the Parsi culture again!

nanie05 says:
Kish is a holiday resort for the richer Iranians looking for some relaxation from the strict rules. Sadly there's not much culture there, unlike Esfahan or Shiraz,
In terms of vegetation/climate its very much like Oman and Dubai.
But Vance, i really enjoyed reading your blogs!!
Posted on: Mar 05, 2010
vances says:
Wow, I was only aware of Kish with no idea what it was like. Thank you for the wonderful introduction...surprised that it isn't terribly different!
Posted on: Mar 05, 2010
herman_munster says:
Would love to visit Iran. The fact that it less touristy makes it special.
Posted on: May 05, 2009
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Daytime picnic - Rice, a salad and…
Daytime picnic - Rice, a salad an…
Night picnic - Roast chicken, pick…
Night picnic - Roast chicken, pic…
A Parsi dessert - the name of Imam…
A Parsi dessert - the name of Ima…
photo by: nanie05