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Houses in the Saddaf neighbourhood

After a 20 hour flight, and feeling absolutely knackered we slept off the jet lag and woke up fresh and ready to face the Kish world! A walk around showed us the gorgeous homes - not that great workmanship but good architecture. Most homes have tiled or marbled exteriors and a compound has several units of apartments/town houses - because of the constant hot weather and that it hardly ever rains, they have carpeted courtyards where they spend nights chatting, having countless cups of chai or having cigarettes.

Not too far from the house is a little row of shops selling the obligatory Iranian bread which my husband has grown to love and eats with almost anything from tuna to curry or honey. I love that the bread doesn't need to be packaged - you just put it on the dashboard of yor car or the back seat without narry a worry about hygiene.

Iranian breads galore - delicious eaten hot!
..hahaha!! No worries if the dogs been there or that the back seat of the car houses your shoes - just chuck the bread on top of it!

The vegetables are what you'd find in other Arab countries - tomatoes, cabbages, cucumbers..not too many leafy greens. The herbs are great though - just tons of parsely, mint, coriander etc! It was here that I discovered the exorbitant prices of food - chicken was 9USD and lamb 5USD per kilo.. expensive by Malaysian standards. As Iran is facing an embargo, credit cards cannot be used here - the currency is the Iranian riyals and tomans and the US dollars - strange for a country that is facing an embargo.

nanie05 says:
Vance - its sad, the have a shop named Ikea with the real Ikea fonts etc selling stuff you know is just a hodge podge of stuff they picked up from here and there. Because of the embargo, the folks are desperate for anything American/foreign, hence the smuggling of contraband 'foreign' cigarettes...funny but sad..:(
Posted on: Mar 05, 2010
vances says:
I've been to Musandam in Oman and witnessed the speed boats jetting away at night to deliver those cigarettes to Kish, lol!
Posted on: Mar 05, 2010
nanie05 says:
Thanks! Yes sadly it looks like improving the relations between the 2 countries will take a long time.
They do swim in the sea..there are good scuba spots but because of the constant heat in Kish some of the corals at one stage died so they aren't really nice looking now.
Women swim in seperate beaches so they do wear swimsuits...i guess for men it would be shorts or swim trunks.
Honestly i like Iran a lot...generally the people are friendly (maybe cos I'm Muslim too..I'm not sure, or maybe they just are nice to everyone) but sometimes they area bit defensive but considering they are living in embargo i don't really blame them.
Posted on: Jun 20, 2009
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Houses in the Saddaf neighbourhood
Houses in the Saddaf neighbourhood
Iranian breads galore - delicious …
Iranian breads galore - delicious…
Elegant Saddaf homes
Elegant Saddaf homes
photo by: nanie05