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We left KLIA airport at 0900 for one of the longest journeys I've ever made - 20 hours from doorstep to doorstep! We took Gulf Air to Bahrain, caught a connecting flight to Dubai, took a cab to Dubai's terminal 2, then caught a domestic flight to Kish Island on Kish Air. Terminal 2 which is about 25 mintes from Dubai's main terminal is a story in itself! Let's just say it resembles a market - it serves flights to India as well as Kish Island and unfortunately Indian passengers are treated rather badly by the airport staff - very depressing!

Getting ready to go to a strict muslim country like Iran, i didn't really know what to expect. As a Muslim I am modestly dressed but was reminded by my husband to be extra cautious as I should not create unnecessary attention. Maybe i need not have been too careful - you see, Kish Island serves as an exit point for foreign workers in Dubai who want their visas renewed. With fellow passengers from Russia, the Phillipines, India and China, I would say i was extremely decent! It must be noted though that at Kish Airport, women are given scarfs and robes to wear for their whole duration on the island if they are not prepared. It was fun watching the transformations of the sexy Russian travellers who were extremely underdressed change to totally covered ladies any Muslim husband would have been proud of!

Arriving on the last flight from Dubai, we arrived at the small but well kept airport to lovely autumn weather. Kish which shares the same weather  as Dubai was great in November. Our lovely hosts then drove us to our apartment in the upmarket Saddaf area, our home for the next 3 weeks. It was a 1 and 1/2 storey town house that was in an area about 10 minutes from Kish town centre. The Saddaf neighbourhood houses ultra modern homes - great looking but unfortunately the workmanship wasn't that great - the labourers are mostly from Pakistan and Afghanistan and the impression was that they did not use a ruler or plumbline!

Kish being an island, everything from trees to food had to brought in by boat...making it expensive - and because of the embargo by the US many things were unavailable. The water was treated saline water and had a peculiar taste - even my normal cup of green tea had a salty tinge to it so had to resort to drinking thick coffee to  mask the taste!



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