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Ever since i was a kid, I have always dreamed of traveling far and long.. You know the usual dreamer who wants to go to places, watch a beautiful scenery, explore, meet new people and most of all, enjoy the freedom of going to wherever you want.. But as all dreamers do, I woke up..

I went to school, worried about exams; stuttered in my oral test; fretted about projects that were not yet started; pressured about not having a bf; started having small local trips to other islands and in the process lied to parents about projects that never existed to get the money and to have the perfect excuse for the short absence. Until finally I got through college, grew up and found work.

And then just when You think that after having a work, you can start fulfilling the long awaited travel that you have dreamed of, you find yourself working even after office hours.. grrk! LIFE!

But last week, I was able to runaway from work and all the familiar faces I have seen to an unfamiliar place for me.. the place was called MANILA . Haha! (I'm such a loser to step on the Philippine Capital City at age 22. hehe.)  At last! I was very excited to find out that finally, I will be able to go and just do what I really want to do.. (ALONE!)

When I got there though, i didn't feel too happy.. I was not that excited as I expected I would... At first, I was simply sitting and watching and looking and feeling... As I talked and laughed out with other Travbuddies during my first ever meet-up I realized that I was living. I wasn’t able to experience life for sometime (2months). Haha! Well, I still have my friends around here and we used to travel to places every other week but lately we caged ourselves in the four walls of the office.  We conditioned our minds that work should be finished before we can totally enjoy a vacation but I realized it wasn't true. Because even when I came back to work, I still had tons of paper work to do. I still need to attend to a lot of things, and the incidents never run out.

So that’s it! My Manila trip was a realization that whatever I choose to do, life will continue. People will do what they think they should prioritize and the world will continue to evolve. From now on, I will not miss the opportunity to travel. I’ll make it my business to save and plan for future travels to conquer yet another place.

ctjevans says:
yay, great entry, Dennie! =) I'm happy to see you posted some new blogs. you're so right that regardless of our choices, work never ends (until we leave the job), so we might as well take the breaks when we can to enjoy life.

continue saving, keep traveling, and never stop dreaming. happy travels!
Posted on: Sep 08, 2009
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