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What a beautiful place Malta is! Still absolutely loving it! Only just discovered where the beach is today (like a two second walk from where I've been hanging out in Paceville recently) so I'll be spending tomorrow there, cheaply!

It's been tough, to say the least. I bought a pair of flip flops the other day, and they gave me such a huge blister I couldn't walk for two days. So sore. Spent all day on Monday hobbling about the hostel, it sucked. Still have a job to find. And to add insult to injury, my phone was disconnected for no apparent reason. So I was fed up, injured, and couldn't phone home for comfort. I spent a lot of that time in bed, or out on the sun terrace upstairs if I could walk that far.

Yesterday, when I could walk, I went into Valetta for a salad for lunch, and wandered about the shops, waiting for the evening when I could go back to Qube, the vodka bar I was told to return to when the manager was in, on Tuesday.

So I went in and the guy was really nice and I gave him my details. He said if he couldn't get me a job, to try O'Caseys, The Scotsman or The Dubliner, as they're always looking for Scottish/Irish staff. So I said thanks and headed off to those places.

O'Casey's was nice and once he found out I had experience told me to come back on Saturday when they do the rota. The Dubliner was nice and let me leave details and told me to come to see the manager today, which I did and he was nice but said he had a full staff at the moment. The Scotsman was not so nice.

Hiring Lady: So do you have experience?

Alex: Yes, about three years back home.

HL: So you were underage when you started?

Alex: Well, no, but it's a bar/restaurant.....

HL: So you don't have three years bar experience.

Alex: Well as soon as I was old enough I started doing some bar work.


HL: Hmmm. And how long do you plan to stay in Malta because this won't just be a summer job, we'll put you on the books.

Alex: As long as I have a job, I'll stay.

HL: Do you even know how to pull a pint?

Alex: Yeah....

HL: But have you poured a Guiness?

Alex: Yes I have.

HL: But can you change a keg? Because so many people come in and they start and then....they don't know what to do.

Alex: I'm not lying, I do have bar experience. I know what to do behind a bar.

HL: We'll let you know.

God it annoyed me so much I felt like I WAS lying to her about my experience. So effing what.

So my best bet so far is going to O'Casey's on Saturday to be put on the rota. I spoke to the staff here at the hostel and they're fine with me booking a few days at a time while I'm working, depending on how long I'm staying.

I love this skirt!

Also managed to make myself some noodles for lunch the other day, so proud :) And there's a shop in Paceville that sells Diet Irn Bru which is like, my saviour. They didn't even sell it in London! (I do love it, but coke has been....well upsetting my stomach shall we say.....and I can't drink water once it's gone warm).

So I'll upload a few pictures with this. Nothing too exciting, some of the views of Malta and some of myself. (When I get bored, I take pictures of sue me.)

I also sorted out some personal issues with an old friend. Feeling relieved if a little strange. Hate to admit I did cry in a public internet cafe in Valletta, but I'm growing and learning and things have actually worked out for the better.

Church by night.

Got drunk last night for the first time. Had a few gorgeous Pina Colada's with dinner then had a few jack and cokes. There were people on a boat randomly anchored in the middle of the bay, having a party, sounded like fun!

Totally miss my phone, my mum, my boys, my gran, my Luci, baby Noah, my bed, my job, my friends, plush, easy internet access, my phone charger, cold weather, driving, my housecoat (no that's not an innuendo ms....) my ds....

So I miss a lot of things but I was in a rut and I had loads about myself that I needed to sort out. I'm not ready to come home yet. Although I wish I could, just for a few hours and then come back.

I just need the money to fund the time I have to spend away, which is looking impossible. If I don't get this job, I don't know what I'll do. I'll have to come home, failed, rejected.

Sliema by night.

And yes, I know what I've already done is amazing, organised this all, organised myself, not broke down in tears and ran home if I couldn't book a train....and I have plans to rep next summer anyway....

I just don't feel like this journey is completed. I don't really know how I'm feeling.

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I love this skirt!
I love this skirt!
Church by night.
Church by night.
Sliema by night.
Sliema by night.
Views from the walk to Paceville.
Views from the walk to Paceville.
No vespas!!
No vespas!!
My hair looks so dark!
My hair looks so dark!
More on way to Paceville.
More on way to Paceville.
5,345 km (3,321 miles) traveled
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