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St Paul's Square.
I'm in Rome! Using a tiny laptop and therefore can't find certain excuse the grammar and spelling!
Flight and finding my hostel went great, everything on time, no hassles.....until I got there!

Staff are all english speaking, infact, everyone Ive met has been Irish, Australian, Canadian or American so haven't had to use the language yet, though for dinner tonight I asked for the bill in Italian and it went well! In my room last night there were 4 girls and a boy. Didn't get much time to chat as I came late and went to bed early. 2 girls from Canada left at 3am, there was a boy from Bangkok who seemed nice, and two girls I didn'd get a chance to speak to. I've not seen anyone today, every time I've been up I've had the room to myself which is nice, everyone seems to be out.
Going on the pub crawl tomorrow night so things will change! It's 20 euro and that gets you a free bar in the hostel, literally all you can drink apparently, then a free shot at the next place you go and mega discounts, well up for that hehe though nervour about meeting people etc etc.

Spoke to some of the people on the tour at the lunchbreak....a lovley middle aged couple from Ohio and a younger married couple from Iforgetwhere in Australia. They've been saving for years to travel about Europe for 7 weeks. Chatted about accents and countries and stuff. The guy studied architecture and was really into all the buildings and asking about Glasgow, and was shocked when I mentioned Scotland's castles.  I told him all the school trips when I was in primary school were to castles and said the nearest he got was a 100 year old mansion! Apparently theres a drought in Australia too and they can't even water their plants.
Swiss guards. Love the colourful uniforms!
...just send them to Scotland for the day!

A few problems with my padlocks thoughm one broke before I left the house, and when I got here my other one wouldnìt open! I conldnàt get into my own bag! And I needed the padlock to lock the cage drawer under my bed to protect my stuff, so I went to reception and the girl hauled up a huge heavy pair of pliers and snapped the lock off haha so I had to buy a new one from there! I also forgot pyjamas haha.

Got a travel pass for the week so I can hop on and off trains, and yeah, just like Glasgow, Paris and London....all tube stations are smelly, ugly and scary. But hey, at least I figured it out without looking lost and touristy! I find if you look bored like you do this journey every day youll be less obvious than the "curious-bright-eyed-bushy-tailed-bright-as-a-button-on-speed" look that just gives tourists away.

Went to Ottaviano today and bought a place on a guided tour of the Vatican and all its glory. Was wearing shorts and a tank top so had to go buy a sari and a skirt on the cheap to cover up (you wont get into religious buildings half have to cover the shoulders and knees). And the skirt, which was dearer than I wanted to spend, fell apart when I put it on so the zip's been open and rolled down all day, thank god for long tops! Tour guides were nice, and it was all so interesting, far too much information to take in in one trip. Wont put in too many details because Im sure even the photos wont even do it justice, go to Rome and see it! All in all it took hours so by the time we had been through all the museums, I was scared Id be all Rome'd out by the time we reached the Sistine chapel at the end, but it really is breathtaking.
Michelangelo created this at age 23. What did you do at age 23?
Actually, the "Last Judgement" painting was more impressive than the ceiling, itàs James, the second tour guide was English and studied Art and it's obvious how passionate he is about it all and it's inspiring to hear and learn all the stories from him. I'm not religious myself but I think religion is such an amazing, powerful thing.  Most of the paintings in the galleries were of the standard stories and people we've all heard of, but one of the tapestries really disturbed me, when King Herod ordered all babies to be killed and there were really graphic scenes of mothers trying to protect their babies and the soldiers putting like knives to babies necks and mothers grieving. I couldn't look at that one.
But it was so helpful to have a tourguide who was so enthusiastic about every single piece of art and clearly had so much knowledge on EVERYTHING, despite only having time to show us a few things.
They keep the dead Pope's bodies there. Faces are covered with wax to make them more people friendly.

I liked one painting of baby Jesus as a proper baby, about two years old, wriggling in Mary's arms, as a normal baby does. When so other pictures have to have him being perfect and still. As the guide said "like he's just seen lego on the floor and wants to go get it'.

So the majority of the photos are of the Vatican today, with  a few of the hostel and me. (Just to prove I'm really here lol, its hard to take pictures of yourself in public places whilst not getting your camera stolen haha!

I spent way too much money today so tomorrow I'm going to just go to Trevi Fountain and take a packed lunch and a book I think =)

Also been taking random pictures of my bracelet in random Rome places. That's what the best friend gets for telling me she'll be checking to see if I wear it when I'm away :p
So far it's been to the airport, hostel, Vatican.
Another Pope.
...mission to get the Pope to wear it failed (he was in Bethlehem apparently) but it's only day one!!

So I'm off to figure out this photo uploader!

Buonasera bellas!
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St Pauls Square.
St Paul's Square.
Swiss guards. Love the colourful u…
Swiss guards. Love the colourful …
Michelangelo created this at age 2…
Michelangelo created this at age …
They keep the dead Popes bodies t…
They keep the dead Pope's bodies …
Another Pope.
Another Pope.
In the back is St Helen.
In the back is St Helen.
Guards used to stand infront of th…
Guards used to stand infront of t…
At the very top is where the Pope …
At the very top is where the Pope…
Giant acorn.
Giant acorn.
View from museum.
View from museum.
I loved all the ceilings!
I loved all the ceilings!
Trying to take a picture of myself…
Trying to take a picture of mysel…
One more in the room, so tired ton…
One more in the room, so tired to…
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