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Not much to update, and this cafe doesnt have access to the actual computer to plug in my usb, so no sunny Malta photos either!

Malta is so beautiful! Quiet and warm, with fishing boats all around the coast. You can swim with dolphins and go scuba diving and go on cruise tours....well interested in that if I can stay long enough to work! I'm in Paceville just now (but the location finder wouldn't let me put that). Had my lunch in St Juliens and it's about halfway between Sliema and Paceville. This part is just full of nightlife. Well, I can imagine. It's daylight now, but there are closed clubs everywhere and coupons littering the streets with buy one get one free, or free shot offers! Julie, the French-Canadian girl that was in my room the past few days told me it's like that, free entry and get drunk for free! They even have a Plush! (Plush is my favourite club back home!) But it's probably not as good! There's such a wide variety, like a Rodeo Bar, Reggae Bar, Gentleman's clubs, Vodka Bar....and Koyote's, which is apparently wild....we'll see tonight!

Going to see a woman called Dorian today about a job in a club called Koyote; the wildest bar in town. I didn't know anything about the place when she emailed me back about a job! Basically a nightclub and I'd be a bar girl. Free acommodation upstairs and apparently the tips get quite good at the summer weekends! But It's like 6pm and it's not open yet so I'm gonna hang around here because my feet are sore.

Yeah, feet are sore because I wore my new sandals this morning to go for a walk and they've ruined my feet, sooo sore! No way I could walk home for a few hours then come back! (It's about a 15 minute walk away). But, stupid, female that I am, I'm wearing them now, underside of my feet layered in plasters, because my other shoes are smelly, and won't go with the outfit I'm wearing of a black top, little skirt and black leggings! Ouchies! Bus home I think!

Skin still whiter than white, why?! Ten days in sunshine and all I get are a few body is wierd. Plus side is, I'm only eating about one meal a day, maybe a snack too, and loads of juice and water. Add that to spending my days walking around for hours and sweating...the weight is falling off me hehe. Well, we're getting there. Yay!

Spent the afternoon nursing my poor feet and talking to Natalie, a French girl who is studying English. Very pretty, and we had to help eachother out with words sometimes, was tres amusant!

I want to go out and walk about, but my feet are in agony! Hope she doesn't want me to start tonight!

Lord_Mike says:
So much to do, and so little time. I hope you had fun!
Posted on: May 23, 2009
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Saint Julians
photo by: Jollyjetsetter