Day 36 - Sun, Surf and Quad Bikes

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Our Quad Bike "Guide" making friends with the girls

No wake up call this morning!!  Despite the reprieve we still managed to get down to breakfast for a relatively early 8:30am.  The breakfast buffet was huge and full of loads of great stuff, so we were happy to fill up.  After breakfast, my first self imposed task of the morning was to find the gym.  A short walk of the grounds revealed it hidden along the south wall of the resort and whilst not free to use, it was dirt cheap, so I ducked in for my first workout in at least a couple of months.  It told too – very depressing stuff but just the motivation I need to extract a digit from now on.

After the gym I returned to our room to change and then headed straight down to the beach for a couple of hours lazing about in the sun.

Locaion, Location, Location
  Michelle had intended to join me but another great movie must have appeared on the TV because by 1pm there was still no sign of her and I was starting to feel a little peckish.  Zoe needed to check her emails so we crossed the road to McDonalds to grab some lunch and to further exploit their free internet. 

The only activity we had scheduled for today was a quad bike safari at 3pm.  Come 3pm we met in the foyer of the resort by our driver who proceeded to drive us straight out of town into the depths of the desert.  We drove for 20 minutes before we saw anything more than dirt and even then, the facilities there were little more than a compound surrounding a number of quad bikes and other off-road vehicles.  Again, it was just going to be the three of us, no one else was picked up on the way or was waiting to meet up with us. Oh well, thankfully Michelle, Zoe and I were great company for each other.

We’d been led to believe there would be a safety briefing and then we’d be free to tear up the desert by ourselves for two hours but the safety briefing was little more than the guide showing how to start, ride and stop the bike and then we were instructed to follow the guide.  Michelle was gutted.  She was so looking forward to disappearing into the desert to tear up the sand in which ever way she might choose.  She was not too keen on the idea of a tame game of follow the leader.  Our guide, a young Egyptian in his early 20’s led us out of the compound and into the desert. After only 10 minutes riding we stopped.  We looked behind us and ALL signs of civilisation (including the compound) were gone.  We presume the intermissions in the riding were for us to rest, grab a drink and perhaps for the guide to provide a little background information on the area.  However, our guide only spoke a handful of words in English and seemed more interested in trying to flirt with Zoe.  Poor Zoe.  He didn’t harass Michelle at all, so the sneaky bugger must had spied our wedding rings but poor Zoe, the guide just wouldn’t let up with her.  Eventually Michelle figured the easiest way to distract his amorous approaches to Zoe was to misbehave, starting her bike up, urging him to lead us out or to show us a few trick and if and when he wouldn’t, riding off without him.  That did the job.

The two hours passed quite quickly and by the end of it we were all covered from head to toe in dust.  While we weren’t give the free reign we’d anticipated and we were lead through relatively flat terrain, which made for relatively mundane riding, it was still good fun.  I made the most of it by swerving back and forth all over the place, trying my hardest to get the bike up onto two wheels.  Unfortunately my efforts to amuse myself resulted in Michelle copping a continual face full of dust. Ooops.

Once back the hotel, we decided the best way to clean up would be to head down to the beach for a swim. So, while the sun was setting we cooled off and cleaned off in the Red Sea.

During the afternoon, Michelle had made enquiries about having her hair braided, or, as the locals refer to it, “rasta”.  While Zoe and I met Mahmoud for dinner, Michelle went to the Health club to get her hair done.  The process was supposed to take three hours but it was well after midnight when Michelle returned to our room.  Most importantly though, she was transformed and I’m sure everyone will agree the five hours was worth it.  Now, she really looks like she’s on holidays!
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Our Quad Bike Guide making frien…
Our Quad Bike "Guide" making frie…
Locaion, Location, Location
Locaion, Location, Location
photo by: maka77