Day 23 - The Tour Leaves but we Stay on

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mmm.. leeches. Just the reason I go to the markets

Scott managed to get his very early plane back to London.  Nathan and Chris departed at around 10am so we had a chance to farewell them.  Those of us who were staying on for an extra couple of nights had to change hotels.  To cut a long story short, the new hotel was no where near as nice as the Grand Yavuz and we’ll be putting together some feedback for the tour operator and local agent. 

Once the relocation dramas were behind us we spent the rest of the day exploring the Bazaars in this vicinity.  The spice bazaar, the Egyptian Bazaar and what we assume was a garden and pet bazaar, or perhaps that should be bizarre.  I’ve never seen anyone selling leeches before.  Freaky!

The spice bazaar was great.  Lots of stalls selling all sorts of spices, all displayed in a large bags.  Craig and Bec bought up big, looking forward to using the spices in their cooking in the coming months.  It was a little depressing for Michelle and I.  Being homeless for the next 7 months, there was no reason for us to buy bulk spices.  We did get a small spice rack for the campervan though and a selection of Turkish Delight. 

After a busy afternoon of shopping the 6 of us who remained in Istanbul, Craig, Rebecca, Melissa, Tovey, Michelle and I walked across the river to Taksim.  We walked the length of wide plaza towards Taksim Square, hoping to meet Trev and Mirella but by the time we arrived they had already grown really hungry and retreated across the river for dinner.  We stayed in Taksim, finding our way to a backstreet recommended to Tovey by a Turkish friend she works with.  There we found a restaurant with a roof terrace.  Upon climbing a huge number of stairs, we discovered most of the restaurants in the area have roof terraces.  Oh well.  We were after somewhere outdoors but the exposed roof terrace was probably a bit much.  It was pretty cold up there.  The food was good but everyone was happy when the bill came as it meant we could get off the cold of the balcony and back to our hotel.
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mmm.. leeches.  Just the reason I …
mmm.. leeches. Just the reason I…
photo by: Memo