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Stopping for Gozleme

Breakfast at Kadirs was a freshly prepared omelette and was shared not with loads of other backpackers (as the season doesn’t really kick off until after ANZAC day) but construction workers ��" all the guys working for Kadir to rebuild his business.

We would loved to have stayed longer (especially were it busier) but we need to get moving towards Istanbul, so we checked out and placed our bags in storage for the day while we had a look around.

We enquired after activities which might be available but since there was almost no one there, the only activities they were running were rock climbing and trekking.

Dragonfly's applenty amongst the ruins
  Figuring that trekking would almost certainly encompass Chimera, which we’d done the night before and noting that there was little else worth trekking to look at aside from the ruins on the way to the beach, we again decided to go it alone.  We paid 2 YTL each to enter the ruins (which also gives access to the beach) and spent the morning walking the ruins and climbing the mountain overlooking the beach.

The hunger we build was sated just after midday when we decided to have a go at a Turkish pancake.  It’s something like a very thin flat bread which is filled, folded and then heated on a dome shaped cooker.  I had mine filled with potato and white cheese (akin to feta) whilst Michelle also added yellow cheese (something like soft cheddar I think) and spinach.  Both were great and cheap!

After lunch we wandered down to the beach where we met up with Mel, Kate, Emily and Annie.

Climbing to the acropolis gives a great view of the beach
  We passed an hour lying in the sun before walking back to Kadir’s, gathering our bags and then jumping on a Dolmus which would take us to the main road to Antalya.

As soon as we arrived at the interchange we jumped straight on a bus headed to Antalya.  We arrived at around 7pm, with what we thought was plenty of time to book ourselves on a night bus to Cappadocia.  That was when things got a little chaotic. 

Unlike everyone else who had stayed in Olympos and was taking an overnight coach from Antalya to Cappadocia, I’d decided against booking a seat ��" thinking I could save us the booking fee and whatever markup the agents in Olympos were helping themselves to.

Some of the older bungalows
  However, buying tickets on the coach proved difficult.  I left Michelle and a few friends with our bags and went in search of the ticket office for the same company with which everyone else had booked.  A random, friendly bloke offered to help me with my ticket purchase.  “Rip Off” alarms ringing, I followed him and to my surprise he led me to the right counter.  Alas, all the ticket on this bus were apparently sold out.  He then led me to another counter (and another bus company running an overnight coach to Cappadocia), only to get the same story.  Starting to worry that we wouldn’t able to find a seat on a coach the third counter provided some measure of success.  A bus which had just departed the terminal had room.  If we were willing to catch a taxi to catch up to the bus, they could call the driver and ask him to wait for us.  I (very begrudgingly) agreed and so began a frantic race through the Otogar, first to find Michelle and our bags and secondly to find “the taxi”.
One of the few real tree houses left, after the fire.
  The taxi just happened to be a private vehicle and the driver seemed pretty damn chummy with the guy who had come up with the plan for getting us on this already departed bus.  He then asked for 100 YTL, and offered me 15 YTL change.  I tried to argue the point but realised our luggage was already in the blokes boot and if all the other overnight buses to Cappadocia were sold out, I was going to look like a complete goose.  So, I bite my tongue, handed over the cash and cursed the b@stard.  I was fuming when we climbed in the “cab” and Michelle was working overtime to calm me down.  I don’t deny that I’m a bit of a tight @rse sometimes but I hate being ripped off through poor decision making or poor planning on my own behalf.  Had I just booked the tickets from Olympos, we could have completely avoided all this nonsense.

The ride took us all of 3 minutes to catch the bus.  We put our bags on the coach and I put my fury aside along enough to thank the cab driver and climb aboard.
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Stopping for Gozleme
Stopping for Gozleme
Dragonflys applenty amongst the r…
Dragonfly's applenty amongst the …
Climbing to the acropolis gives a …
Climbing to the acropolis gives a…
Some of the older bungalows
Some of the older bungalows
One of the few real tree houses le…
One of the few real tree houses l…
photo by: findmeabeach