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Popping in to Kas for a bit of Jewellery shopping

The captain raised anchor and pushed off at 4am, so our sleep was interrupted by a fair bit of noise.  The cold breeze that accompanied our travel didn’t help much either.  Michelle and I were the only passengers mad enough to try and sleep under the stars ��" everyone else had retired to their cabins, some later than others.  Emily and Annie were up drinking until 3am.  Good work!

The sky was covered by cloud and it was still too early in spring for it to feel warm without direct sunlight, so everyone was rugging up.  It was a real shame because we were sailing along some beautiful coastline and were to visit a number of beautiful bays and it was just going to be too cold to go swimming.  After a Turkish breakfast everyone scattered about the boat chatting, reading and generally passing time whilst staying out of the cold wind.

Capitano raised the sail for bit in the afternoon
  Lunch was a vegetarian affair, served soon after we arrived in the port town of Kas. (pronounced “Cash”).  After lunch we were free to wander town for a couple of hours.  We have noticed in our short time in turkey how many jewellers there were and the great variety of styles available.  Whilst we were in Kas, Mish found a jeweller and some jewellery she was particularly keen on and was able to choose a flower shaped pendant in the limited time we had ashore. 

When we sailed from Kas I grabbed a handline and threw it overboard in the hope that a little trawling might bring some excitement to the journey.  No luck though.  The captain asked me wind in the line just before we arrived at “Pirate Bay”, where the boat settled for the evening. 

Just after we’d set anchor we saw a young girl on the nearby island yelling at us and waving.  The skipper jumped in the tender and drove over to her, picked her up and then escorted her around the point.  Apparently, she’d gone ashore from another boat and got lost.  She seemed quite embarrassed as she was motored past our boat.

The crew cooked up a great feed of BBQ chicken for dinner and we all sat around afterwards chatting and having a few drinks ��" far less drinks than the first night together though.  Tonight Mish and I chose to sleep in our cabins and were very happy to enjoy the warmth and comfortable sleep that it brought.
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Popping in to Kas for a bit of Jew…
Popping in to Kas for a bit of Je…
Capitano raised the sail for bit i…
Capitano raised the sail for bit …
photo by: Auditarchi