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Looking back at Fethiye from our boat

We awoke to another beautiful clear day.  It was going to be a real shame to leave Fethiye.  We were getting used to the views from our balcony and the space of our room.  It turned out that three other people staying at our hotel (and there were only three other people at our hotel) we also on the blue cruise with us; Phil, Sandi and Shing.  We piled into a minivan at about 10am and we were taken to the harbour where we endured the obligatory bureaucracy and standing about whilst we waited for everyone else to show up and check in.  I think the intent was for us to depart before midday but we didn’t set sailing until almost 1pm, as we were forced to wait for an Irishman who was running late.  Apparently his minibus got a flat tyre en route.

Mish braving the chilli waters near Oludeniz
  Robert was most apologetic when he finally arrived.

With our full compliment of 14 passengers, we finally got underway.  No sooner had we rounded the corner of the bay though, the wind picked up and the weather began to deteriorate, ever so slowly.  Our first stop was Oludeniz.  It took us a little over an hour to get there and when we did, most people had been sufficiently chilled by the cool winds to be discouraged from entering the sea for a dip.  Robert, Jared, Phil, Emily and Michelle all gave it a go though.  Despite their insistence that it wasn’t too bad once you got it, I couldn’t be talked into it.  After his swim, Robert went ashore to go Paragliding and whilst he was away, our boat went just around the corner to Butterfly Valley. In the shelter of this bay, the wind was barely detectable and it seemed much warmer, so I decided I would swim ashore to check out the hippy commune near the beach and try to find the waterfall in the nape of the valley.  Michelle, Jared, Mel and I all made the trek to the foot of the waterfall.  The three of them had the good sense to bring footwear.  I endured the discomfort that came with wandering across a few kilometres of paths made up of sharp stones of varying sizes.  By the time Michelle and I returned to the boat (my feet wouldn’t allow me to keep up the same pace as the others) afternoon tea was all but over and the boat was getting ready to set off to find its shelter for the night.  For whatever reason, we backtracked the way we came and the boat pulled in adjacent to St Nicholas Island just before sunset.  It was here that Robert (the tee totalling Irishman) was returned to the vessel after his paragliding experience.  Dinner was served at about 8:30pm, fish, salad and vegetables – fresh and delicious.  Afterwards all the passengers on board sat about the dinner table getting to know each other, with Aussie gals Emily and Annie setting a cracking beer drinking pace that put us all to shame – I think they split a carton between them.  Their alcohol fuelled banter was effective at disarming most people, even coercing the older Canadian couple on the boat into discussions about their life together.  The captain wasn’t too impressed when they tried to talk over the top of his though.  Funny Stuff. 

As the night wore on Michelle slipped away and told me that she wanted to sleep under the stars on the deck of the boat.  I reluctantly joined her, after putting on a few more layers of clothing.  Hopefully with a sleeping bag and a number of blankets, we could endure the cold weather which seemed to be setting in.

belek says:
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Posted on: Oct 13, 2015
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Looking back at Fethiye from our b…
Looking back at Fethiye from our …
Mish braving the chilli waters nea…
Mish braving the chilli waters ne…
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